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AN OFFICER AND HIS GENTLEMAN Free for Limited Time Only (Take that, Book Pirates)

If you haven’t read AN OFFICER AND HIS GENTLEMAN, it’s now being offered for free, for a limited time, here. …on I love this site. I download a lot of my own books there. It’s very simple to use.

And, for the people that patronize book pirates. Maybe you should take a little click over to allromance and check out this free offer. There are other books for free, too. You guys might find that it’s a good feeling to download free books that were authorized to be free books instead of stealing your books from sleezy pirate sites. All publishers do these free offers all the time, not just ravenous romance. And this way, even though you guys don’t seen to care about supporting your favorite authors by buying books (or about the fact that you could get caught and prosecuted), at least you can support them by acknowledging their free offers.