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FREE Gay Excerpt; Barbra Streisand on Tonight Show; Rosie O’Donnell on Elizabeth Hasselbeck

Barbra Streisand on Tonight Show

It’s been over 50 years since Barbra Streisand appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1963. Other than a select few, she hasn’t done many talk shows since then. That’s coming to an end, at least for this one time.

The last time Barbra Streisand appeared on NBC’s The Tonight Show, John F. Kennedy was president of the US, The Beatles hadn’t yet come to America and albums were only being released on vinyl.

Now, more than 50 years later, Streisand will return to the show which has been hosted by Jimmy Fallon since February.

They claim she’ll be the only guest on that night. The show airs this Monday, September 15th.

You can read more here. I wonder if Streisand is thinking about her own mortality in the wake of Joan Rivers’ sudden death, and she’s interested in revisiting her own roots. It really is like going full circle in some cases. We all tend to think about those things at times. You go in for a routine endoscope and wind up dead for Labor Day weekend. In any event, I’ll be watching, and it’s almost a nostalgic thing for me. Or course I didn’t start watching the Tonight Show until the mid 1980’s, however, when Johnny Carson retired I stopped watching altogether. That’s not a slam against Jay Leno. I just couldn’t see anyone filling Carson’s shoes…until Jimmy Fallon came along.

Rosie O’Donnell on Elizabeth Hasselbeck

Now that Rosie O’Donnell is returning to The View she’s stating she’s not going to miss having Elizabeth Hasselbeck there. Which is a shame, because I think the rest of us are going to miss them working together. It can get very entertaining when those two are together, all politics aside. The last time O’Connell was on The View she left over a controversy with Hasselback a month before her contract was up.

O’Donnell said this:

‘Elisabeth would go into the dressing room with (Bill) and go over Republican talking points that are sent out every day, and then come out and recite what she had ingested,’ O’Donnell says.

‘I tried to get her to talk more about her own self and how she felt rather than being a robotic pundit.’

Hasselbeck said this about O’Donnell returning to The View:

‘Here in comes to The View the very woman who spit in the face of our military, spit in the face of her own network, and, really, in the face of a person who stood by her and had civilized debates for the time that she was there – coming back with a bunch of control, ready to regain a seat at The View table,’ she said.

O.O Well!

I think Hasselbeck meant to use spat, but I could be wrong about that. She’s the one getting paid millions of dollars, not me. Frankly, I don’t watch The View or Fox and Friends. You can read more here. But it should be interesting to see if O’Donnell helps the ratings.

FREE Gay Excerpt
Below is an excerpt from my novel, Take Me Always. It’s a parody/movie tie-in with all gay characters, a great deal of gay erotica and romance, loosely based on the heteronormative (straight), The Notebook. This one is available as an e-book, or as a print book. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it turned out to be more emotional than other books I’ve done and I think it has something to do with a gay long term relationship and two men that were never able to be married legally…unlike in The Notebook. They have kids, too, but not their own…unlike in The Notebook. I drew from many personal experiences with gay men I’ve known over the years. I’m posting an Amazon review, and the excerpt below that. 
Take Me Always by Ryan Field
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5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Love Story November 5, 2010
By Symba
Format:Paperback|Verified Purchase
This is a m/m love story that goes between their lives today as old men in a nursing home and back to when they first met back in the 1950’s and how they came to be together for almost 50 years.
Gregory is younger by 10 years but he is the one that develops Alzheimer’s. Kadin decides to live in the nursing home with his partner just so he can be with him all the time, even though he doesn’t need nursing care himself. In trying to get Gregory to remember him, he starts a blog about how they meet and their lives togher and reads it to Gregory everyday. Even though I don’t usually like stories that jump back and forth between past and present, the author makes such a smooth transition between the two that I was able to totally enjoy it. I even found myself blinking back tears at the end of the book (no, noone dies). This is a wonderful love story but it has alot of hot love scenes too.Well worth reading.

Please keep in mind this excerpt is from the raw manuscript and subject to a few minor issues. It’s hard to convert anything to google blogger and this works the best for me. I’ve also self-censored several parts to keep this SFW.

Chapter Four


“That poor boy,” Gregory said. “He should have tried to cover up the love bite. And, poor Kadin. I wasn’t sure I liked him at first, but I think I do now. He sounds very decent.”

Kadin smiled. “Gregory didn’t even realize the love bite was there. He couldn’t see it.” They were outside that morning, sitting next to the rose garden on the grounds of the nursing home. It was still warm for that time of year, and Kadin wanted to take advantage of it. Gregory always seemed more responsive outside, away from the wheel chairs and the smell of antiseptic and the moans from the other patients. “Besides,” he said, “the parents already suspected something was going on between them. They just didn’t want to mention it aloud. The love bite only confirmed all their suspicions.”

“Ah well,” Gregory said. He was staring at his sleeve. A ladybug was crawling up his arm and he was fascinated by it.

Then one of the nurses tapped Kadin on the shoulder and said, “Dr. Stern is ready to see you now to talk about the PSA test.” She reached down and held Gregory’s hand. “I’ll take you inside, sweetie, and you can work on your drawings while you wait for your friend.”

Gregory crinkled his eyebrows and tilted his head. “My drawings? Do I know how to draw?”

“Of course you do,” Kadin said, “You’re an architect. You’re the best there is.” Then he gave the nurse a look, and stood up. He knew she was taking Gregory into the sun room where he would sit with a child’s coloring book and a pack of crayons. As he turned to leave, he tapped him on the shoulder and said, “I’ll be back this afternoon and I’ll read more of the story to you.”

Gregory gave him a blank smile and flicked the ladybug off of his arm. “I’d like that.”

Kadin loped into the building slowly, smiling at familiar faces he passed on his way to Dr. Stern’s office. He could still get around without a cane in spite of the minor heart attack he’d had earlier that year. And the two knee replacements had been successful. And if he watched his sugar intake and kept his weight down, the diabetes wasn’t a problem either. He was holding his own, and he was proud of that.

When he walked into the doctor’s office, the nurse told him to go into the examining room. The one good thing about the nursing home was that he didn’t have to sit for hours in a doctor’s waiting room like everyone else.

When Doctor Stern stepped into the room, his head was down and he was reading the results of Kadin’s last PSA test. He was a good looking young man in his mid-thirties, tall and lanky, with a full head of wavy black hair that had specs of white. He looked like the type that rode one of those expensive bicycles on weekends, with tight shorts, a huge bulge between his legs, and a funny little hat. His hands were large and his fingers were long; Kadin imagined he had a nice thick cock. If Kadin had met him at the picnic area back when he was still single, he would have had him on his knees begging for xxxx.

“I do not like what I see here,” Dr. Stern said. “Your PSA levels are elevated: seven. We should talk about treatment to prevent the onset of anything serious.” He put down the clipboard and looked at Kadin. “I’ll explain the procedures and you can decide what to do. I think in your case it’s a choice between radiation seeds, or radiation treatment. Or you could just opt to remove the prostate altogether.” His voice was even, a clinical monotone as if he were reading from a book.

Kadin smiled. He hated medical talk and he’d been against the prostate testing in the first place. But he knew enough about prostates from listening to other people to know that anything above six meant that the PSA level was elevated, but not dangerous. “Or I could just not do anything and live out the rest of my life just like this.”

The doctor gave him a look, and said, “I’m not sure I understand.”

“I’m eighty-five years old,” he said. “By the time this develops into something serious, I could be ninety.” He’d just read a report about this in a magazine and he knew this was a very slow growing cancer. If the level had been higher, he would have done something. But with a PSA level like this, he wasn’t going to go through anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary. Gregory needed him. The love of his life might drift away forever if he wasn’t there every day to keep him grounded.

The Doctor smiled. “I have to tell you everything and give you all the options. It’s my job.”

Kadin smiled and stepped down from the examination table. “And I thank you for that,” he said. “And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to have lunch with Gregory.”

“I’ll walk you out,” Dr. Stern said, “I’m on my way to lunch, too.”

On the way to the sun room, Dr. Stern asked, “How is he doing?”

“Very well this week,” Kadin said. “I’m seeing an improvement. I’ve been reading him stories from a blog I’ve been working on. They’re really events from his own life and he seems to be responding well.”

Dr. Stern frowned. “You know that he’s not going to get any better, and that eventually he’ll get much worse. Sometimes our imaginations can get the best of us, and we start to think they are improving when they really aren’t.”

They’d been telling Kadin this since the blasted disease had been diagnosed, and Kadin was tired of hearing it. “I like to look on the positive side,” Kadin said, then he smiled and looked the other way so he could roll his eyes.

When they rounded the corner and stepped into the sun room, Gregory’s head was bent over the table. He was working on his drawings. There was a red pencil in his right hand and he was drawing something on the blank inside cover of the coloring book. The doctor and Kadin leaned forward to see what it was, and they were both surprised to see that Gregory had just sketched a perfect drawing of the interior of the sun room, complete with potted palms and wicker furniture.

Kadin gave the doctor a superior look and smiled. “Is that drawing my imagination?” he said.


When Gregory didn’t show up for work the next morning, Kadin wasn’t surprised. But when he reluctantly drove over to Miles’ house at lunchtime to see if there was anything he could do to smooth things over with Gregory’s parents, he was shocked to find out that they’d all gone back to Atlanta early that morning. Miles stood there shaking his head and told him he’d been just as shocked. He also seemed embarrassed that Gregory hadn’t given Kadin any formal notice that he wouldn’t be returning. They weren’t supposed to leave for a couple of weeks. Evidently, Miles hadn’t been home the night before and Gregory’s parents hadn’t said a thing to Miles about what had happened…or about the love bite on Gregory’s neck. He was still as friendly as ever. He even gave him Gregory’s address in Atlantaso he could write to him. 

After that, Kadin felt as if something had been ripped from the inside of his body. Food didn’t taste the same anymore; all he wanted to do was sleep; his nights were spent drinking bourbon until he couldn’t walk straight. The back room of his office, where he’d xxxxx Gregory over the work table so many times, now caused his stomach to turn. He only smiled when he was with his children, and sometimes even then it was forced. So a few weeks after Gregory left, he took a year off from work and moved out to his house on the edge of town. He spent his days and nights renovating the old place with his own two hands. The physical work calmed him and made him tired so he’d sleep at night, and being there made him feel closer to Gregory. He even painted the second floor shutters black and the first floor shutters white; just as Gregory had suggested the first night he’d brought him there.

He wrote him letters, one letter every day for a year. But he never received a reply. And at the end of that year, he dropped the last letter into the mailbox and decided to move on with his life. He went back to work and began practicing law again; he frequented the picnic area on Friday nights to have anonymous sex with other men. He also put the newly renovated house up for sale. He’d done a magnificent job. There wasn’t a stick of furniture in the house, but the hardwood floors gleamed and the windows sparkled. He attached two elegant, crystal finials shaped like pine cones on both newel posts of the semi-circular staircase in the center hall. When the sunlight peered through the front windows in the early morning, the crystal finials glistened with all the colors of the rainbow. But he didn’t want to live there anymore. Everything reminded him of Gregory and the summer they’d spent together.

When potential buyers came to see the house, they were all impressed with the work that Kadin had done. And they all made offers. But Kadin turned them down. He turned one young couple away because he thought the wife was too fat. He turned another middle aged couple down because he didn’t like the kind of car they drove. He wasn’t about to sell his home to people who would drive a foreign car.

And it’s a good thing he didn’t sell the house, because a few years later his ex-wife was killed in an automobile accident and he got custody of his three children.

The children brought the house to life again. And Kadin filled it with furniture and stepped into his role as a single parent with no complaints at all. Suddenly, there were sticky fingerprints on the crystal finials, bicycles left out on the front lawn and lights blazing in every window at night. There was always a pair of shoes lying in the upstairs hall, or a jacket hanging from a doorknob. He hired a full time housekeeper who worked six days a week. She prepared the meals, did the laundry and minded her own business. Life was full, but there was still something missing. At night, when the children were in bed sleeping Kadin would sit on the veranda and watch the stars, always wondering what had become of Gregory. He’d sip his bourbon and smoke, fantasizing about how one day he’d see Gregory walking up the front path with a huge smile on his face.

Then he would finally put out his cigarette, turn off the front lights, and go up to bed alone. He still slept on the same old mattress where they’d first made love; he refused to throw it away. He’d settled into a regular routine and he’d focused all his energy on his family and his work. The only real diversion he had was when he went to satisfy his strong, virile needs at the picnic area north of town on Friday nights. He didn’t have to think there; all he had to do was pull down his zipper and stand still.

The night in l956 when he met Eddie at the picnic area and took his phone number, he never expected to call him. Kadin never took anyone he met at the picnic area seriously. But Eddie was different. Kadin liked his submissive nature and his willingness to please. He also liked the fact that Eddie wasn’t interested in anything permanent. He only wanted to bend over, spread his legs and get xxxxx. But more than that, what Kadin liked most about him was that he was a real person and he wasn’t a ghost.