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FREE Gay Excerpt: A Gay Thanksgiving In Palm Springs; Gay Guy Running For Mayor of Moscow; Adam Lambert Talks About Dating

Gay Guy Running For Mayor of Moscow

I don’t know much about this Anton Krasovsky, other than he has nice highlights and he’s running for Mayor of Moscow. 

42-year-old Krasovsky is poised to be the first openly gay, HIV-positive political candidate ever to run for office in the country, though it’s not totally clear if he’ll actually be allowed on the ballot. Still, he’s going to try because, as he puts it, “everything sucks here.”

Here’s more. Anton claims it’s an illusion that Russia is homophobic. I love what he’s doing and I think he’s brave. 

Adam Lambert Talks About Dating

For those who follow Lambert, this won’t be much of a surprise.

And almost 10 years since making his name on the hit show, Adam Lambert has revealed he’s still a ‘multi-dater’ – but hasn’t lost hope of finding ‘something significant and monogamous’ one day.

He talks about how difficult it is to meet people for long term relationships because of his demanding career and his travel. And that makes sense. If you’re truly dedicated to anything in the arts something is going to suffer. For me it’s always been social life. You can’t write all the time, and promote, and edit, and not have something suffer. And frankly, I’d rather be working on my next project than doing anything else. So I get why Lambert hasn’t been in a long term relationship for a while. 

Here’s the link. 

FREE Gay Excerpt A Gay Thanks Giving In Palm Springs

Here’s an excerpt from my latest WIP. I hope to have it out in the next couple of weeks. In short, it’s about a nice average family from Cambridge, MA who travel to Palm Springs, CA for Thanksgiving weekend so they can meet their gay son’s fiance for the first time.  They also have a gender neutral son, Harold. 

Although Abby understood and supported Harold’s obvious need to be gender neutral, the whole gender neutral thing wasn’t something she felt strongly about on a personal level. She’d always worn pink frilly outfits, had her hair done in different ways, and gone out of her way to wear uncomfortable high heeled shoes. She lived for her weekly trips to the nail salon and her self-indulgent stash of dark chocolate. Romance novels made her cry. And when she watched TV she preferred simple Hallmark movies with star crossed lovers and simple plots that made little sense. If they were Amish romance movies she got a thrill up her leg. And when she thought about her image of the perfect man, he was usually riding a tall white steed and coming to the rescue of his heroine.
Everything seemed to be changing so fast Abby sometimes found it difficult to keep track of what was happening around her. Baldwin was all grown up now, engaged to be married to an unusual man who didn’t have any filters. Harold was still in high school, but he was on his way. He seemed to be more interested in girls than boys and the sudden interest he’d developed in the girl who lived next door to Gabriel had kept her awake the night before. The girl’s name was Maris and she seemed to be making a statement about gender, too. Abby could see why Harold found her so fascinating. After Thanksgiving dinner Maris came over to the house and Harold introduced her to the family. Her dark hair was shorter than Earl’s, she wore overalls that looked as if she’d purchased them at a barn sale, and those old fashioned sneakers that Dennis the Menace used to wear. She didn’t have a stitch of make up on her face, and not a trace of jewelry. But what really made Abby’s jaw drop was when Maris sat down outside on a patio chair next to the swimming pool and spread her legs wider than Earl. For a moment, Abby waited for her to spit on the ground, scratch her crotch, and light up a cigar.
In spite of all this, they couldn’t find anything wrong with Maris and they told Harold he could spend the entire day after Thanksgiving with her. Maris told them she wanted to take Harold to a place called Joshua Tree and hike all day. Abby had Googled Joshua Tree and discovered it was one of the most popular hiking destinations in the entire Coachella Valley area and she couldn’t say no. Maris seemed not only up front and honest, but mature beyond her years and fully able to take care of herself. Abby even found it amusing when Maris punched Harold in the arm and said, “We’re hiking tomorrow, Butch, so no high heels and miniskirts. You wear hiking shoes and shorts, and a good strong hat to protect you from the sun.”
When they left for their hike earlier that morning, Abby found it even more amusing that Harold had been paying attention to Maris and he wore traditional hiking gear. As she watched them head out the back door, both dressed in true gender neutral hiking outfits, she almost giggled at the way Maris loped with a heavy step while Harold practically skipped along behind her. Harold even made Maris carry his backpack so he wouldn’t ruin his new French tip. Abby couldn’t complain. Even though Harold identified as straight, he’d become Abby’s best companion. Before they’d left for Palm Springs they’d both gone to the nail salon together to get pedicures, and then they’d gone shopping for new dresses. What more could a mother want?
Still, though, it sometimes felt as if things were changing so fast she couldn’t get a grasp on her life. Her own mother had warned her about this. She’d told Abby that after she turned 40 years old life would begin to fly and there was nothing she could do to slow things down. At the time, Abby hadn’t paid much attention to it, but now she was beginning to understand. And when she thought about the fact that Baldwin was out of college, living and working on his own on the other side of the country, she sometimes felt a tightness in her chest that lingered longer than a minute or two.
Abby was seated at a dressing table in the bedroom when Earl walked out of the bathroom from his morning shower. She was getting ready to spend the day with Gabriel and Baldwin. They were taking Abby and Earl for a drive to a place called Big Bear Lake. She’d wanted to take the Palm Springs tram that day up the mountain, but Earl had this deadly phobia of heights and he flatly refused to go along. She would have loved to have seen Mt. San Jacinto State Park, and seen the views from the tram, but Earl wouldn’t even consider it. So Gabriel suggested a nice quiet drive up to a place called Big Bear Lake and she agreed and forced a smile. Gabriel and Baldwin said they’d never been there either. Baldwin promised that if there was enough time he’d take her on the tram alone before she went home.
“Did you make sure you went to the bathroom, Earl?” Earl was still having issues with this stomach and she didn’t want to listen to him complain on the way up to Big Bear Lake.
“I’m fine,” he said, as he crossed to a chair where he’d laid out his clothes for the day.
“I don’t know if there will be any rest rooms where we’re going today,” she said. “I’m just reminding you, is all.”
He sent her a look and repeated himself. “I’m fine, dear.”
“I thought Thanksgiving dinner was lovely yesterday, didn’t you?” They hadn’t had a chance to talk yet. After Thanksgiving dinner, they went outside to the pool for dessert, then they met Maris, and after that they went into the screening room in the house to watch movies with Baldwin, Gabriel, and Brian. By the time they climbed into bed it was after one in the morning.
“I could have lived without the beets,” Earl said. He pressed his fist to this stomach.
She laughed. “No one forced you to eat them. I think you’re just looking for things to criticize now.” It had been one of the most traditional Thanksgiving dinners she’d ever seen. There was turkey, corn bread stuffing, all the regular side dishes, and even Parker House rolls. It couldn’t have been more traditional if George and Martha Washington had shown up with the Kennedys for a game of touch football.
“Well, that’s my point,” Earl said.
“It was too perfect,” Earl said. “Something is not adding up and I can’t figure out what it is. But I will. I’ll figure out what this guy is hiding if it’s the last thing I ever do.”

She simply dismissed him and went back to putting on her eyeliner. As far as she was concerned it had been one of the most perfect Thanksgivings so far, and that cute young Brian still had her wondering. She’d been a virgin when she’d married Earl and his penis was the only one she’d ever seen up close, in person. Seeing Brian’s penis early yesterday morning right there in front of her at the breakfast table still left her speechless. It was the size and shape of an old fashioned coke bottle.

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