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FREE Gay Book Excerpt; FBI Investigates Joel Taylor’s Death; Tonya Harding: NOT A Gay Icon; Zimbabwe President Won’t Legalize Gay Sex; The Gay For Pay Pornster Charged With Raping His Daughter

FREE Gay Book Excerpt

I haven’t done this on a Friday in a while. But I’ve posted a free book excerpt from my upcoming untitled novel about two young gay men who fall in love, but one is Amish and the other English. Those of you familiar with Amish culture know that Amish people refer to everyone else in mainstream society as “English.”

I’ll post more about this in the future. But for now I wanted to see how it looks in print myself, and I wanted to share. I see an awful lot of bad Amish romance out there, and from the information I gather from a secret gay Amish friend of mine, people in the Amish community are not thrilled with Amish romances either. I wanted to do something different. And to show what it might be like for a gay Amish man in the closet.

FBI Investigates Joel Taylor’s Death

I’ve been following this all day. Joel Taylor was the co-host of a weather related TV show on the Discovery channel. He was only 38 years old, and he was recently found dead on a gay cruise. According to reports, they’re suggesting he may have died from an overdose of the drug GHB. Other witnesses allege they saw Taylor also taking drugs like ecstasy and cocaine.

And now the FBI is launching an investigation.

According to TMZ, Taylor’s death has now piqued the curiosity of the FBI, who are launching an investigation. The website reports “huge quantities” of “party drugs” were on the ship, including Ecstasy, cocaine, and GHB.
Sources claim some people were arrested for drug possession before the ship set sail.
Tonya Harding: NOT A Gay Icon
I’m going to recuse myself on this one. I’m still not even sure WTF a gay icon really is, and I know nothing about Tonya Harding.
Gay men love rooting for the underdog. We admire stories of people who work hard and succeed against all the odds. Which is partially why the movie I, Tonya has resonated with so many people in the LGBTQ community:
And, hey–it’s a solid movie. But guess what, folks? Tonya Harding is not a gay icon! She never has been! And she never will be!
Well I guess she’s not HIS gay icon, exclamation point. Here’s the rest.  Check out the comments, too.
Zimbabwe President Won’t Legalize Gay Sex
Here’s another story about another one of these horrible homophobic countries that no one ever talks about much. The reason I post these things is because I truly, in my heart, ache for the LGBTQ people who live in places like this. 
The new President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, has dashed the hopes of local LGBTI advocates. He has stated that he has little intention of making life easier for LGBTI people in the country.
Here’s the rest. To put this into perspective, gay sex there has been illegal since 1891.
The Gay For Pay Pornster Charged With Raping His Daughter
This is about as bad as bad gets.
Sebastian Young, most famous for his Lucas Entertainment, stands accused of raping his five-year-old daughter.
The felony charges are: felony possession of sexual performance by a child – enhanced, felony/capital sexual battery on a person less than 12 years old.
Here’s more. According to this, they might seek the death penalty.
FREE Gay Excerpt
Please keep in mind this is only a rough, unedited draft and there might be changes. 
Of course the police contacted Noah’s dad and he came down to the police station to get him, which is what led up to the conversation they were having that morning in Edwin Gledhill’s library. Edwin was still pacing the library floor when he asked, “What I’d like to know is why on earth you weren’t more discreet? Did you have to be so blatant about what you did last night?”
            Noah looked down at the floor and shrugged. “You above all people should know the answer to thatquestion.”
            “Don’t be impertinent,” Noah’s mom said. “Your father would never do anything like that.”
            “Of course not,” his dad said. “One of the things I’ve always tried to teach you is the importance of discretion, Noah. You come from a prominent New York family. Why would you get yourself into a situation like that, in public, with six strange men?”
            Noah shrugged again. “I’m a good sport?” He didn’t know how to answer that question without making a joke. For him it wasn’t a matter of how he’d gotten himself into that situation. It was more a matter of how could he have avoided that situation with all those hot sweaty men.
            Nancy rolled her eyes. “That’s not funny.”  
            “Well now you’ll have to pay for your mistake,” Edwin said. “And I can assure you that I never did anything like that in my life.”
            Noah wasn’t so sure, though. It was no secret to anyone who knew them well that Noah’s mom and dad didn’t have the most conventional marriage. His dad was openly gay and his mom had a part time lover of her own. They remained a couple for their own personal reasons, which was partly because they genuinely loved each other. But to call their marriage traditional in any sense of the word would have been an exaggeration to say the least. Noah had seen a few of the guys his dad met on hook up apps. They were always big, hairy, strong and aggressive. Just the way Noah liked his men, too. He wasn’t judging his dad, but he didn’t like the way his dad seemed to be judging him.
            “We want to teach you the importance of self-control and discretion, Noah,” Nancy said. “That’s why we’re sending you to Amish country for the summer. You don’t seem able to control yourself.”
            “I promise I’ll work harder,” Noah said. “Please don’t send me there.”
            “You said that the last time,” his dad said. “And then that woman who was married to the pizza delivery guy came looking for you with a baseball bat. I thought you’d learned your lesson that time, but I guess you didn’t. And now it’s gotten serious. If I didn’t know people in the right places you’d have a criminal record.”
            “I wasn’t thinking last night,” Noah said. “I got carried away.”
            Nancy sighed. “Apparently.”
            His dad said, “There’s no need to discuss it any further. I’ve arranged to have a car take you out to the Amish farm this afternoon and your cousins will be waiting for you. Now go upstairs and pack your things. There isn’t much time left.”
            “If I go there, I’m not making cheese.”
            His mom shook her head in exasperation. “No one expects you to make cheese, Noah. You’ll be working at the family farm market. Your cousin, Marcus, will be there to help you out. He’s about your age.”
            “Working?” He didn’t like the sound of this. His Amish cousins weren’t the strict old order Amish. Although he was never quite certain what they were, he knew they were more liberal than some Amish people could be. However, their lives were completely opposite from the life he lived in New York.
            “You’ll have to earn your keep there,” Edwin said. “And I’m warning you, Noah. This time I don’t want to hear about any trouble. You do as you’re told, behave like a gentleman, and most of all stay away from straight men and from other peoples’ husbands.”
            “You make it sound as if I only go after married men.”
            Nancy made a face. “Well, that has been your pattern, dear. You even started a small riot at that wedding we went to last month.”
            “That doesn’t count,” Noah said. “Big deal. I only licked wedding cake frosting off the groom’s finger because he didn’t want to ruin his tuxedo. I didn’t know the bride was watching. And frankly, she didn’t have to throw wedding cake at me. That was rude, and she’s a very rude woman.”  
             “Well, none of that in Amish country,” his dad said. “Stay away from the married men.”
            “I’m not wearing Amish clothes,” Noah said.
            “You can wear jeans,” his mom said. “It wouldn’t be right to make you wear Amish clothes, because we don’t want your cousins to think we’re appropriating them. That would be just awful.”
            He knew there was no way out of this, so he stood up and said, “I’ll go pack. But I’m warning you that I’m not sure how this is going to turn out.”
            Edwin glared at him and said, “It’s going to turn out very well.”
            Nancy tilted her head to the side and asked Edwin, “How do you know that, dear?”
            Noah was curious, too.
            His dad smiled. “Because this is his last chance, Nancy. If he doesn’t straighten out this summer, I’m cutting him off. No money, no trust fund, no cars, no charge accounts. Nothing.”
            “You can’t do that,” Noah said. “Grandfather left that trust to me.”
            “But he left me in charge of it until you turn 30,” his dad said.
            Without saying another word, Noah turned and left the room. He didn’t glance back because he knew they were serious this time. He also knew he couldn’t totally blame them. They’d given him more chances than he probably would have given himself under the same circumstances. No one knew more than he did that he had to learn the art of restraint, especially when it came to married straight men. His only choice now was to go out to Amish country and show them that he could change. And he vowed to himself right then and there on the way up to his room to pack, he would learn the meaning of self-control and he’d never cause his family an ounce of chagrin again. 
Kendle’s Fire
A PG Rated Gay Romance
In Their Prime by Ryan Field


Altered Parts: Limited Edition 

 Said With Care