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FREE Gay Book Excerpt: Altered Parts by Ryan Field; Max Emerson’s Latest Revealing Naked Male Photo Not Banned; More Kevin Spacey Abuse Accusations

FREE Gay Book Excerpt: Altered Parts by Ryan Field

I’ve posted another excerpt from my new release, Altered Parts, below. There’s also a link to Amazon, and it’s being distributed and sold in most other venues where online gay romance novels are sold.

You can check out the link and excerpt below.

Max Emerson’s Latest Revealing Naked Male Photo Not Banned

I have to be honest. I don’t even know who this guy is. In the course of one day…or maybe just one morning…I see so many naked guys exploiting themselves for attention they all start to look the same to me.

This seems to be the era where if a guy doesn’t take off his shirt and drop his pants in public there’s something wrong with him. And I guess this Max Emerson isn’t going to let anyone call him unique.

The NYC actor and model sure isn’t afraid to flash the flesh. However his latest Instagram post might just have shown us all more than we’ve seen before… or maybe a little too much?!
During a stay in a hotel, Max decided to get up close and personal with us all by showing off the facilities in the building – and more specifically the anti-fog mirror.

Here’s the rest. It is SFW.

More Kevin Spacey Abuse Accusations

I really didn’t want to post about this anymore, but it’s news, and it’s all still coming out. Now there’s this new accusation. Below is just one quote from a much longer article that goes into more detail.

I guess he must have come up behind me and yanked down my baggy jeans, and he goes to f*ck me and I’m like, “No, I don’t want to.” And he pushes hard, and grabs me, and starts shoving up against my a**hole, and it hurts like a motherf*cker. I again tell him no, and he tries again. I am strong enough, thank God, both somewhere in my brain and in my body, to get him off of me. … I saved myself in many ways in that minute from the much deeper trauma that would’ve come from having been raped. Thankfully, some part of me was strong enough to be like, “F*ck no.” I’m so grateful to that little 14-year-old, that he didn’t say, I have to let him do this or he’ll stop loving me.

When this allegedly happened, the guy was 15 years old. Here’s the rest. 
Altered Parts

Excerpt: Altered Parts by Ryan Field 

Before I had a chance to reply, he turned and started walking to where I’d parked the car. I’d never been carried before by anyone, let alone a good looking guy like Clay, and I wasn’t sure where to put my arms at first. I couldn’t just let them dangle, and I couldn’t lift them up in the air, so I gently wrapped my arms around his shoulders and he didn’t seem to mind in the least.
He took long steps and never wavered once. His breathing remained even and he never broke a sweat. It seemed so effortless and so normal for him to carry me that way I gently caressed the back of his neck, as if I’d done it by accident, and said, “If I get too heavy you can put me down.” I wanted to see how he’d react if I touched his neck lightly in more obvious way.
“I’m good. We’re almost there anyway.”
I hugged him a little tighter and said, “I think you’ll have to drive. It’s my right foot and I’m not sure I can drive this way.”
“I know how to drive,” he said. “The cowboys on the ranch taught me when I was 13 years old.”
I wondered what else the cowboys had taught him.
When we reached the car, I turned the handle and he guided the passenger door open with his knee. As he lowered me onto the front seat, I held his neck and his cheek brushed up against mine. I inhaled his strong scent and took a quick breath. My first instinct was to rest my lips on his cheek but I didn’t dare. I still wasn’t sure about anything. I was still on the verge of shaking. I didn’t want him to think I was a queer, especially since he’d gone out of his way for me. But more important, I didn’t want him to reject me.
After he got me settled, he leaned inside the front seat and reached for my ankle. He removed my shoe and sock and slowly ran his fingers around my foot.
He squeezed my foot and asked, “How’s that feel?”
I nodded. “Okay.” The way he was touching me sent of a rush of emotions from the deepest part of my body. I didn’t even know I had these emotions and I wasn’t sure how to keep them hidden.
He ran his fingers up my foot and gently squeezed my ankle. “How’s that?”
“That’s the sore spot,” I said. As sore as it was, I wanted him to continue touching it.
Then he told me to wiggle my toes and try to move my foot. A moment later he gently rubbed the bottom of my foot and said, “I don’t think anything’s broken. It’s a sprain and you’ll have to rest it for a few days. I learned a lot about first aid on the ranch. We didn’t have a doctor around so we had to do certain things on our own.”
“It doesn’t hurt as much now as it did a minute ago,” I said. I think that’s because he was touching me so gently and I couldn’t stop staring at his lips.
“I am so sorry I pushed you,” he said. “I should know better.”
As he looked into my eyes I let my instincts take over. I did something to him that I never would have done to any of the other young men I knew on the mountain. I reached out and caressed his cheek slowly. “I know you didn’t mean it. It was an accident. I’m fine.”
We stared at each other for a moment or two, and there was one point where I thought he might lean forward and kiss me on the lips. I wanted him to kiss me. I wanted him to climb on top of me in the car and kiss me for hours. Most of all, I wanted him to make the first move. However, he kissed my sprained ankle instead, and then jogged around to the other side of the car so he could drive me back down the mountain. And as odd as that was, for one young guy to kiss another young guy’s ankle that way, we never acknowledged it even happened. There didn’t seem to be a need to explain it, or even normalize it with a joke.
As the sky darkened, he drove down the mountain with more alacrity and confidence than I’d ever possessed on my best day, and I was as familiar with that old dirt road as I was with my own hands. He knew nothing about it. He remained focused on the road and by the time we pulled up to the barn across the road from the main house, he parked so slowly and quietly the old car didn’t even jerk.
I noticed my aunts were still sitting out on the front porch as they usually did on warm summer evenings. Aunt Ted in a high-backed wicker chair reading one of her fashion magazines, and Aunt Matilda in a white rocking chair working on her needlepoint. At first, they didn’t even notice us pull up, but I wasn’t looking forward to this. The instant Clay unfolded from the driver’s side and rushed around to help me get out, they both jumped up and ran down the front walk to see what had happened.
The fact that Clay insisted on carrying me to the house made things even worse. When we met them at the front gate Aunt Matilda pulled it open so fast she almost tripped, and Aunt Ted clutched her lace top and swooned.
“What happened?” Aunt Matilda asked, with one hand pressed to her stomach and the other to her throat.
“I’m fine,” I said. “I’m not seriously hurt.” I knew this would set them both into a panic and I would have preferred avoiding this entire scene if possible. My aunts were both creatures of habit and whenever something challenged their normal routines they tended to gasp and swoon a lot, especially if it involved me. I was the only one they had left and they depended on me a lot more as a grown man than I’d once depended on them as a child.
Clay carried me up the front steps and gently set me down on a wicker loveseat. While he pulled a small wicker table forward so I could rest my sprained ankle, he turned toward my aunts and said, “He sprained his ankle up on the mountain. We were up in the tree house and all of a sudden…”
I cut him off fast. I didn’t want them to know he’d accidentally pushed me out of the tree house. I didn’t want them to hold that against him. Even if they knew it had been an accident, I knew they would never forget he’d been the one who’d pushed me. “I tripped over a rock. I feel like a big dumb idiot now. I should know better. I’m just glad Clay was with me otherwise I would have had to walk all the way down the mountain alone.” I sent him a look and winked, hoping he wouldn’t mention pushing me out of the tree house.
“Oh, you’re so right,” Aunt Ted said. “Thank the lord for Clay. If he hadn’t been there to help you I don’t even want to think about what could have happened. You have to be more careful, Joe Buddy. You must pay attention to your surroundings.”
“Yes, Ted,” said Aunt Matilda. She turned toward Clay. “Thank you so much, young man, for being so responsible. You are a true hero. I don’t even want to think about the possibilities if you hadn’t been there to help our poor Joe Buddy.”
I couldn’t argue with that. Clay was my hero, and in more ways than one.
Then my aunts rushed into the house to chip some ice from the ice box. A few minutes later, they wrapped the ice in a homemade muslin pouch and set it on my ankle. It was already starting to feel better and I didn’t think it was a bad sprain. I tried to tell them but they wouldn’t listen, so I just sat there and did what everyone wanted me to do.
As daylight faded, Aunt Ted stood up from her chair and turned to Aunt Matilda. “I’m going to bed now. Naturally, I assumed Clay would be spending the night with us and I got the south guest room on the third floor all ready for him right after dinner. But under these circumstances I’d prefer it if he spent the night in Joe Buddy’s room.”
“I’m in total agreement, Ted,” Aunt Matilda said. “This way Clay can help Joe Buddy upstairs and help get him into bed.” She glanced at Clay. “That is if Clay doesn’t mind spending the night in Joe Buddy’s room and helping out that way.”
“I’m fine with that,” Clay said. “I’ll carry him upstairs in a few minutes. Don’t worry about a thing, ladies.” He seemed so eager to comply.
“I think I can walk on my own now,” I said. It only feels a little sore now.
They ignored me and smiled at Clay. “Thank you so much, Clay,” said Aunt Ted. “It’s so nice to have a man around the house.”
“I agree, Ted,” said Aunt Matilda. “It’s been a long time since we’ve had a man here.”

“Hey, what do I look like?” I said. Even though Clay was a little older and stronger, I started to feel a little insulted.

Kendle’s Fire
A PG Rated Gay Romance

Said With Care