Category: FREE Excerpt: Happy Spanksgiving From Riverdale Ave Books In New York; Steve Grand Walks Through New Orleans In His Jock Strap

FREE Excerpt: Happy Spanksgiving From Riverdale Ave Books In New York; Steve Grand Walks Through New Orleans In His Jock Strap

Happy Spanksgiving From Riverdale Ave Books In New York

I have a short story in this anthology, Spanksgiving, and I wanted to share something different today. A lot of people don’t have the traditional Thanksgiving and I hope things like this give them enjoyment…something different.

This is a very rare, special holiday release from Riverdale Ave Books in New York, and my short story is a very rare heterosexual story with a male and female main characters. This story just came to me and I had to write it down.

I’ve read the book and I love all the stories. There are some familiar names for most people who read erotic romance books.

My story in the book is, Tommy Takes His Boots Off, and I’ve posted and excerpt below.

Here’s the publisher’s link. And I’m sure it will be on Amazon soon.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

Steve Grand Walks Through New Orleans In His Jock Strap

This one’s pretty simple to figure out.

The singer just debuted the music video to his song “Walking.” The video was shot in New Orleans back in May but is just now being released.

And he really did do this wearing nothing but his jock strap.

You can check this out here. I like him. Give him a break. He’s working hard.

FREE Excerpt Tommy Takes His Boots Off

It’s a short story so I obviously can’t post too much, but here’s the beginning.

Tommy Takes Off His Boots
By Ryan Field
After the haircut, Gina didn’t waste a minute to ask if her client, Tommy, wanted to go out for a drink that night. She was still standing behind him on the hair covered tiled floor while the beautician in the station next to her plugged in a blow dryer, but the only one who heard her speak was a wide-eyed elderly woman in the next chair.
Gina stared at Tommy in the mirror, and then removed the black plastic cape that covered his lanky body. When he stood to get up from the chair she spoke a little louder. “Hey, are you deaf or something? I’m talking to you, do you want to go for a drink tonight or not, Tommy?”
Tommy only shrugged his shoulders and nodded yes, and all she heard was the hollow whine of a blow dryer while he stared at the floor. He’d never been much of a talker and she wasn’t shocked in the least.
“Then I’ll pick you up at eight?” she said. It sounded more like a direct order than a question as her wrecked, nasal voice rose above the hum of the blow dryer. Her hands rested on her hips and she tapped her right foot. Everyone in town knew that Tommy had lost his drivers license for six months because he’d been stopped for drinking and driving. But that didn’t bother Gina Johnson. She liked being in control as much as she loved needy men.
Tommy nodded yes, raised his right arm to wave her off, and loped toward the exit door without glancing back. As he walked out of the salon in his black cowboy boots, he took small, careful steps. He was an athletic young man but he tended to walk slowly on the balls of his feet as if he wanted to avoid looking clumsy. Gina had always loved running her fingers through his thick sandy blond hair. Tommy had that little boy, puppy dog quality she loved in fully-grown men. Oh, the needier the better as far as she was concerned. And now as she stared at the way his wide shoulders slowly tapered down to a slim waist, she pressed her lips together and smiled at how the small of his back arched inward and then gently jutted out to form a nice round ass. It didn’t bother her at all that Tommy was only 25, and she, 35.
Gina was one of those women that other women didn’t get. Her hair was dyed brassy blond, her nose a little too large, and her chin a little too weak. She had a bulky, solid block of a body that was large, but it wasn’t out of shape; just layered with muscle and strength. Her clothes were simple, tailored no frill affairs: jeans, cotton pullover shirts and no bra. If it hadn’t been for the fact that she had long red fingernails and always wore very high heels, she could have been mistaken for a butch lesbian, which was ironic because she broke most of the stereotypes about women.

Altered Parts

 Said With Care
A PG Rated Gay Romance