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FREE Giveaway: Fangsters: Clan of the Jersey Boys; I’ll Match With Another Free Book

(Update: A FB friend informed me the free GR giveaway is for US members only. I will, however, be coming up with another free giveway of my own in the coming months that won’t be restricted to anyone or any country. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and this just gave me the incentive 🙂

There’s a free book giveaway for Fangsters: Clan of the Jersey Boys over at Goodreads that’s being offered through my publisher, and GR.

You can check it out here. This is a link to the terms and conditions at GR.

The giveaway dates are from April 5th to May 5th, and I think all you have to do is click “Enter” to be part of it and fill out the electronic form. I don’t think I’ve ever had one of these free giveaways before with a book on GR, and it looks like a nice way to offer something free to readers, and, from the publisher this time, not from the author.

As an added bonus to this free GR giveaway, I will offer a free giveaway of my own to whoever wins the free giveaway copy of Fangsters on GR. So you’ll actually be getting two books for free if you win on GR.

With my free giveaway you’ll have a choice between one of the following e-books below. Please note that I stated e-books, not print books.

Chase of a Lifetime
Chase of a Dream (Abridged or Unabridged version)
Jonah Sweet of Delancey Street

So if you win the free giveaway at goodreads for Fangsters: Clan of the Jersey Boys, please contact me at with  proof that you won and I’ll e-mail you one of the e-books I just listed above for free.