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Palm Beach Stud; Hot Gay Couples/Brothers; Fred Karger Opens Up About Presidential Run

Palm Beach Stud

I think I’ve posted there are two more books in the Bad Boy Billionaire series, and this one, Palm Beach Stud, is next to the last. This one runs about 60,000 words and I found it hugely emotional to write. The last book in the series, Small Town Romance Writer, runs well over 100,000 words. I wanted it to be that long to end the series and to give readers that little something extra. And, just as important, the story line in that book seemed to call for more in-depth character study of the small town romance writer.

In any event, here’s the cover preview for Palm Beach Stud. I’ll post more tomorrow…a blurb and free excerpt. I think the release date is tomorrow, but it could be over the weekend. Once again, they did a killer job on this cover. The house in the background is exactly like the house in the book…the whole novel is set in Palm Beach, Florida. It really is one of the most beautiful places in the US.

Hot Gay Couples/Brothers

I have a gay brother in NY, and I’m always amazed at how people find that so interesting. It’s perfectly normal for us and we never think twice about it. But there’s this fascination about gay brothers sometimes, and this article is proof I’m not imagining things.

But can it always be the case that all of these couples are gay?

Surely they could just be vaguely affectionate brothers?

You can check out the photos of these “affectionate brothers” here. And I can promise you I have never posed for a photo with my brother like these.

Side note: Tony and I look nothing alike. And, not to be snarky, but we tend to shy away from gay couples who dress too much alike. We’re well past that stage where our biggest worry is what new matching shirts we’ll wear on Saturday night.

Fred Karger Opens Up About Presidential Run

The first line of the article to which I’m linking really frustrates me to the point of kicking something…”You may not be aware that Fred Karger ran for president in 2012.” During the last general election I posted endlessly about Fred Karger because I thought it was important for LGBT people to know about him from a historical POV. I also got frustrated when I saw the mainstream media reporting about RuPaul at political events and ignoring Fred Karger completely. Nothing against RuPaul, but I don’t take Ru very seriously when it comes to my own political standards and beliefs. As a gay man, RuPaul does not represent me. RuPaul is a wonderful entertainer I love, not a political leader.

In any event, Karger recently spoke out about why he ran for President, and his motives are interesting. He also answered a few questions about some of the obstacles he faced…many from within the LGBT community because he’s a Republican.

I was really hurt by the Victory Fund [an organization dedicated to supporting openly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender candidates] and their lack of support. They treated me so poorly. I couldn’t see how the largest and most successful LGBT organization designed to support openly LGBT candidates would just completely sit out my campaign.
I was dismayed by the reaction I got, not just from Victory Fund, but a lot of the LGBT groups, because of my Republican Party registration. And I understand that, because nearly everything bad that has happened in our civil rights movement has come from Republicans. But I think a lot of the sophisticated people understood what I was doing, to hold the Republicans’ feet to the fire, to make them include an openly gay candidate.

I was often just as disappointed when I saw how little so many in the LGBT community cared, or even bothered to learn about Karger. He worked tirelessly for gay marriage, and he supported all the right LGBT causes. However, because of his Republican affiliation he was dismissed and ignored. You didn’t see that happen in the African American community. I personally know Republican African Americans who turned sides and supported President Obama simply because he was of African American descent. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen in the LGBT community. Even more interesting is the fact that Karger openly supported gay marriage. President Obama, at that time, either went blank on gay marriage or said he would leave it up to the states to decide. Which is exactly what he’s done and it’s why Tony and I are legally married in some states, but not in the state where we live.

You can read the full article here. It’s uplifting, inspiring, and it shows how sometimes a man will still go the distance in spite of popular opinion.

And he also made LGBT history.