Category: Fred Karger: “An Openly Gay Republican Runs For President”; Christians Help A Gay Teen; NYC Waiter Allegedly Fired For Being HIV Poz

Fred Karger: "An Openly Gay Republican Runs For President"; Christians Help A Gay Teen; NYC Waiter Allegedly Fired For Being HIV Poz

Fred Karger: “An Openly Gay Republican Runs For President”

I’m sure this is still news for most people out there. I’m also sure many didn’t even know that a man named Fred Karger was the first openly gay man to run for President in 2012. I think he started the campaign in 2010. I followed his campaign here on the blog at the time, and I found it fascinating and historic. Historic for obvious reasons, and fascinating because the media all but completely ignored him…especially the LGBT presses. Here’s a link to all of my older posts where I think I followed the most significant stories.

I’m still not totally sure why Karger was so ignored. It was news; it was history. Even though he ran as a Republican, he supported equality, gay marriage, and every other issue we all support. In fact, he’s worked endlessly to fight and expose the most powerful anti-gay marriage groups in the world. He’s been one of the most aggressive activists fighting for equality in recent years. Karger supported gay marriage while every other candidate at the time was still saying they wanted to leave it up to the states. And I haven’t seen Karger exploit or profit from anything he’s done.

In any event, there’s a new video up on YouTube about Karger. It’s a documentary by filmmaker John Fitzgerald Keitel who was with Karger throughout his campaign. You can check that out here. 

Christians Helping A Gay Teen

Here’s something that happened on Reddit. It’s about a gay teen who was questioning his religious convictions, and his conflicts with being gay.

How can God make one of his own people gay? I really do want to believe in God and I have for so long in my life but having this built-in sin, so to speak, has really put a strain on my relationship with God. I am 19 now and am still trying my hardest to believe in God but I feel a shame every time I go to Church because I know I can never get rid of this sin.

After he posted this a lot of people replied in ways you wouldn’t expect. I’m not particularly religious, however, I thought this one was interesting.

 “As a parent of an LGBT kid, I know first hand how badly the religious environment has treated our gay brothers and sisters; and for that I deeply and genuinely apologize,” another person writes. “I have a sneaky suspicion that my LGBT brothers and sisters are going to be at the heart of some of most powerful transformation the church is going to experience over the next few years.”

There’s more here. The world is changing.

NYC Waiter Allegedly Fired For Being HIV Poz

This is one of those legal stories about which I don’t like to speculate, so I’m only linking to the facts as I saw them.

A former server at popular Chelsea restaurant Buddakan claims he was fired for being HIV-positive.

Talking to New York Post, 27-year-old Jack Mountford says he “loved” working at the Asian eatery on 9th Avenue; a popular destination for celebs like Hugh Jackman and Bruce Springsteen.

Mountford, an actor and dancer, started working at Buddakan in February 2013. He quickly rose from server to “closer,” selling expensive bottles of wine and turning over tables.

You can read more about it here. It goes into a lot more detail.

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