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Men Tickling Each Other; West Hollywood Pro-Gay Pro-Gun Posters; Fred Caruso Facebook Suicide Note

Men Tickling Each Other

Wait until you read this one…

After stumbling upon a bizarre “competitive endurance tickling” video online, wherein young men are paid to be tied up and tickled, reporter David Farrier reached out to request a story from the company.

In a Facebook message, he wrote, “Hi there — is anyone on here that’s competed a New Zealander? I want to talk to you. DM me please.”

There you go. If your political discussions get too heated…tie him up and tickle his bare behind with a feather.

They actually turned this into a documentary.

I’m thinking it might be a quirky, hot gay erotic short story for the future.

You can check this one out here.

West Hollywood Pro-Gay Pro-Gun Posters

I follow a few interesting profiles on Twitter from West Hollywood and it looks as if they’re having a lot of fun out there, with events, and in the clubs. In fact, it looks as gay as Wilton Manors or Provincetown…if not more so. And from what I gather the rent is dirt cheap…at least compared to a city like New York where you can pay upwards of four thousand dollars a month for a small one bedroom. I also set most of my Rainbow Detective Books in WeHo. 

But there’s trouble brewing in WeHo, and this time it’s about guns and gays being more pro-active about defending themselves.

The poster campaign is clearly a call to (and for) arms; a provocative plea for gays to abandon any notion of pacifism, and embrace the Second Amendment rather than hope for its amendment.

You can check out the images here. The comments are mixed, so far, and they actually are fairly well intended from all angles. 

I also follow this one West Hollywood political guy on Facebook who rants, and screams, and shouts daily about the horrors of a certain candidate.  I’ll bet he’s going to go batshit when he reads about this new movement to give the gays guns.

And for the record, I don’t think arming gay people with guns is the best idea in the world. 

Fred Caruso Facebook Suicide Note

This is very difficult to read. In fact, I hate reading things like this because I’ve personally watched so many people in my own life with cancer and other illnesses fight so unbelievably hard for their last ounce of breath and life. Unless you’ve actually seen someone die in front of you, you’ll never know what that determination to fight for life means.

I also know that it’s not fair to judge things like this because there’s usually another serious illness involved with things like this. 

Off-Broadway producer and film director Fred Caruso died Monday in an apparent suicide in Las Vegas at age 41, leaving behind a final farewell on the Facebook page of his 2009 film, The Big Gay Musical.

Caruso, who was also involved with creating the Off-Broadway hit Newsical, said in the note that he had found peace before his death. He also details the years of inner turmoil he’s endured, and that he’d attempted suicide just one week earlier by taking 30 Ambien.

This is the talented man who created The Big Gay Musical. 

You can check the rest out here and read the full suicide note he put up on Facebook.



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