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Frankie Grande Is In A Throuple, In His Gay World; Tanzania Is On LGBTI Witch Hunt; Jamie Clayton Talks About Sense 8

Frankie Grande Is In a Throuple, In His Gay World

If you think this article is bad, you should have seen the first four articles I passed on.

But if you can get beyond all the cheese, it is interesting in a general sense. I’ve known gay people in long term 3-way relationships. Not 3-ways just for sex. I’m talking about being a “throuple,” where there are actually 3 people sharing their lives together. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen one last either. They always crash and burn. It always winds up where one of the 3 winds up becoming a 3rd wheel and he gets kicked out. 

Apparently, Frankie Grande is now in a 3-way relationship with a married couple.

“These are my boyfriends,” he told a reporter at the event, introducing married couple Daniel Sonasohn, attorney at law, and Mike Pophis, a doctor, before quipping: “[It’s been] almost three months, but in the gay world it’s like five years.”

I don’t know what gay world he comes from, but in my gay world everyone’s been together for more than 5 years. Most longer. 

Here’s the link

Tanzania Is On LGBTI Witch Hunt

Here’s more scary LGBTI news on the global front. It’s very serious. 

The European Union has recalled its envoy to Tanzania as the country’s commercial hub launches a brutal crackdown on its LGBTI community.
Ambassador Roeland van de Geer had been recalled to Brussels for ‘consultations’, a Monday (5 November) statement said.
Here’s more. Many LGBTI people have gone into hiding for fear of what’s going on.

Jamie Clayton Talks About Sense 8
I’ve posted about the Netflix series, Sense 8, many times. I loved it and I was sorry to see it go. The characters were highly diverse and I think there was a lot more that could have been done with them…all of them.  
Here’s a piece about Jamie Clayton who was a big part of Sense 8
If such thing as a down-to-Earth diva attitude exists, Clayton definitely has it. Charming, grounded and so funny you will want to see her in a comedy show ASAP, the Sense8 actress spilled some insider’s knowledge on the Netflix original series.

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