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The Fran Lebowitz Documentary on HBO

I went to a holiday party last night and three of the guests were discussing a recent HBO documentary with Fran Lebowitz. Being a fan, I went home and watched the entire documentary On Demand late last night.

She’s known for sardonic wit and she’s been compared to Dorothy Parker by many critics. She doesn’t own a cell phone or blackberry, but she drives around Manhattan in an old checkered cab. I’ve always found her to be refreshing…in a rough, honest way you don’t see very often. Especially nowadays, when everyone is so worried about being politically correct and not offending anyone.

I also loved part of the documentary where Toni Morrison asked a few questions. Both women are icons and both represent a period in American Literature that I’ve always loved. And it just so happened I’m re-reading Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye right now (Read. This. Book.), which made the show even more interesting.

I also laughed at a few of the comments Ms. Lebowitz made about the state of publishing these days. She did it with both wit and humor (I think there’s a huge difference). Her comments on smoking had me snorting at two in the morning. And when she started discussing New York thirty years ago compared to New York today, I just shook my head and smiled. Though I’m not old enough to remember New York thirty years ago, I do remember the city when it wasn’t quite such a tourist attraction.

So if you have a cable package and you get HBO, check this one out. It’s worth watching just to see how Fran Lebowitz works the room.