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Brittany Spears Brings Colton Haynes On Stage In Vegas; "The Queen of Ireland" Documentary; Blake Shelton Almost Apologizes For Homophobic Tweets

Brittany Spears Brings Colton Haynes On Stage In Vegas

I saw this trending yesterday on Twitter and I thought it was amazing. I think Colton Haynes is amazing, and not because he’s gay and just came out of the closet. Not because he’s easy on the eyes. Not because he’s a naturally talented actor. He’s amazing because everything he does is positive and uplifting and he makes his fans feel fantastic. He never has anything negative to say about anyone, and he’s truly one of the last class acts around.

Evidently, Brittany Spears noticed these qualities in Haynes and she didn’t even recognize him.

Well, apparently Britney Spears isn’t watching Arrow or old episodes of Teen Wolf in her down-time. At her Las Vegas show “Piece of Me” Wednesday night, Spears brought Colton Haynes to the stage to dance with her, but didn’t seem to recognize the buzzy actor.

You can check this out here…there’s a photo.

You can also check out Colton Haynes’s new web site where he’s selling some awesome merchandise here… 

“The Queen of Ireland” Documentary

I watched the documentary titled, “The Queen of Ireland,” on Netflix the other night and it was good enough to recommend. It turned out to be something I didn’t expect…with a lot more depth.

Here’s the blurb from IMDb…

A documentary that follows drag queen Panti Bliss: part glamorous aunt, part Jessica Rabbit, she’s a wittily incisive performer with charisma to burn who is widely regarded as one of the best drag queens in the world. Created by Rory O’Neill, Panti is also an accidental activist and in her own words ‘a court jester, whose role is to say the un-sayable’. In recent years, Rory has become a figurehead for LGBT rights in Ireland and since the 2014 scandal around Pantigate, his fight for equality and against homophobia has become recognised across the world.

I want to emphasize that this documentary covers a lot of ground, from marriage to self-worth. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

You can check it out here, and it’s on Netflix right now.

Blake Shelton Almost Apologizes For Homophobic Tweets

Although I’m not familiar with him, Blake Shelton is a country singer and comedian. Evidently, according to this article, he does “observational” humor.

From what I gather, according to this article, he tweeted a few things that some believe are homophobic and offensive to others, and now he’s apologizing…kind of…and not everyone is buying it.

“Everyone knows comedy has been a major part of my career,” he begins. This is not entirely true: not everyone knows that. Many of us do not even know what a Blake Shelton is, and assumed it was the name of a champion racing pony.

“Can my humor at times be inappropriate and immature? Yes. Hateful? Never,” he goes on. Yeah okay fine. Nobody said you were hateful, just annoying. Maybe try apologizing for that.

I do think his apology sounds sincere. I just think he needs to work on his comedy a little more. Funny tweets aren’t easy to do, and twitter is NOT a place for the almost funny. The tweet either works or you bomb. And trust me, I’ve tweeted my fair share of bombs. But, I’m not a comedian.

You can read more here, and see his tweets



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