Free E-book Contest Here!! Find the Bad Word…

As promised, I’m going to run a contest in celebration of my new release, FOUR GAY WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL.

It’s going to be fairly simple, too.

The only catch is that you have to read FOUR GAY WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL and find the sentence with the word “seemingly.” The word “seemingly” is only used in the book once, because I absolutely despise any word ending with “ingly.” You won’t find any other fiction of mine with an “ingly” word. And the only reason “seemingly” is in this book is because the copyeditor put it there and I decided not to complain about it. But it’s one of those words that makes me cringe.

When you find the sentence with the word “seemingly,” leave a comment on the thread and then e-mail me at: with your contact information and the sentence with “seemingly.” The comment you leave can be anonymous and short, or you can leave your identity. You only have to say something like, “I found it. I’m sending you an e-mail,” in the comment. Right after you comment, send me an e-mail with the correct sentence with the word “seemingly” and you’re done.

Don’t leave the actual sentence from the book in the comment thread. That wouldn’t be fair to other people and I won’t be able to publish it. And I will be checking the times you commented and e-mailed me to make sure they go together. In other words, if someone leaves a comment on Saturday at ten in the morning and e-mails me at one minute after ten, I know it’s legit. And I want to keep this fair.

That’s all there is to it. The first five to leave a comment and send me an e-mail with the correct sentence from the book with the word “seemingly” will get a free e-book of THE COMPUTER TUTOR. And this book won’t even be released until February 9th, so five people will be ahead of the game in that respect.

To sum it up:

1. Find the sentence in FOUR GAY WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL with the word “seemingly.”

2. Leave a comment on this thread letting me know you found the sentence, without giving out the sentence.

3. E-mail me immediately with the sentence that contains the word “seemingly.” And please put “I found it” in the subject line.

4. I’ll send you a free copy of THE COMPUTER TUTOR.

And I will leave this contest open until five people comment. This means that if the fifth person doesn’t comment until next month…or year…he/she will still be eligible to win the free e-book. I don’t see any reason for a time limit.

If anyone has any questions, e-mail me. Please don’t fill up the comment thread with questions. I will be checking comments more often than usual. But be patient if the comment doesn’t appear immediately. It’s still there on blogger, so don’t worry if you don’t see it right away.

Release Day: Four Gay Weddings and a Funeral

I’m going to do a contest with FOUR GAY WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL very soon. It’s just been extremely busy and I want to make sure I have a clear head so all the details of the contest are accurate. But it’s going to be simple and ten people will be eligible for a free e-book. I still haven’t decided on which e-book I’ll give away, but I will soon.

If you want to know more about FOUR GAY WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL, please click the title. I’d also like to mention this book cover will probably go down as one of my all time favorites.

I’ll post more soon.

When New York legalizes same sex marriage, Neil winds up with more invitations to gay weddings than he knows what to do with! And it’s during one of these weddings where Neil meets Andre- the perfect man.

Andre is French, with a romantic accent and a killer body, and he fills Neil with emotion in ways he’s never known- he’s the perfect man. But Neil isn’t ready for marriage, and so he lets Andre go.

As time passes, Neil’s life goes on, and he always wonders what might have been with Andre. But when life-altering events rock Neil’s quiet life, he may get a chance to find happily-ever-after!

Cover Preview for Upcoming Release: Four Gay Weddings

Here’s the cover preview for my upcoming release with ravenous romance, FOUR GAY WEDDINGS. I’ll post more about it, as usual, and give unpublished excerpts.

Here’s the back cover copy. I’m actually thinking of doing a contest with this book and I still have to work out the details. I’ll post about this more, too.

When the state of New York legalizes same sex marriage, Neil Sparks and his close circle of friends wind up with more invitations to queer weddings than they’d bargained for. And it’s during one of these weddings where Neil meets the perfect man, Andre Lefevre.

Andre is French, with a romantic accent and a killer body. He always says and does the right things and he fills Neil with emotion in ways he’s never known. But Neil isn’t ready for marriage. And though Neil is honest with Andre, Andre doesn’t take him seriously.

As a teacher for the hearing impaired, Neil’s life is full and rich. He loves his friends and he’s never without a good looking date. But something is missing. And when he runs into Andre at another wedding and realizes how happy he is to see him again, he only winds up devastated to learn that Andre is engaged to be married to an older, wealthier man.

This is when Neil winds up getting accidentally involved with his twenty year old neighbor, Tom Middleton, a guy who is just as interested in politics as he is in shooting hoops with his horny college buddies. Neil settles into a nice, quiet relationship for the first time in his life, sometimes wondering about what might have been with Andre.

After two life-altering events, Neil winds up doing something he never would have imagined a year earlier. And it’s not until the very end when he realizes the true meaning of the phrase happily-ever-after.

What Is An Aging Gay Circuit Boy?

In my soon to be released novel, FOUR GAY WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL, one of the main characters is referred to, as an aging gay circuit boy. So I decided to explain this for those who don’t know what a circuit boy actually is. I honestly believe I’ve ever heard it mentioned anywhere in the mainstream.

Here’s a definition from Urban Dictionary: “A gay man who attends circuit parties on a regular basis. It is usually a very expensive endeavor, since tickets to the parties are generally around $100 per event, and circuit parties usually take place on three to five consecutive nights in the the same city. The term often has a negative connotation.”

Here’s the definition of Circuit Party from Urban Dictionary: “A large, gay dance party, something like a gay version of a rave, but with a gay-oriented music selection (usually pop, progressive house, and tribal). Events are well-promoted, publicized, advertised and organized, are often attended by thousands, can be big charity fundraisers, and are usually expensive to attend.
Since each circuit party occurs on a specific weekend and in a specific city once a year, and there are many parties on “the circuit”, travel and planning are required. Travelling from party to party becomes part of a circuit boy’s lifestyle of travel, networking and partying.Some examples of circuit parties: White Party in Palm springs (April), Black Party in New York (March), the Black and Blue Ball in Montreal (October), the Blue Ball in Philadelphia (January).These are often all-night and multi-day events, and party drugs such as ecstasy, GHB, ketamine and crystal are frequently taken by partygoers.It’s only August, but circuit boy Dave can’t wait! He has already booked his hotel for his favorite circuit party, White Party Palm springs next April.”

Circuit boys are often referred to as “Circuit Queens,” too. In many cases, from what I’ve personally experienced, the lives of some gay men at one time revolved around the next circuit party. It’s almost a counterculture lifestyle. I went to a few circuit parties myself back in the 1990’s, when circuit parties seemed to have reached their peak. And, I personally wasn’t impressed. I’ve never been into drugs; I’ve never cared about gay peer pressure or competition. And a large part of circuit parties were all about competition. I knew men in New York who were embarrassed to say they’d never been to a circuit party, so they lied to keep up with everyone else.

To be a circuit boy you didn’t have to be wealthy. You just had to be smart enough to know how to work the system and max out your credits cards. I did know a few wealthy professional gay men who often frequented circuit parties, but for the most part the circuit boys I knew weren’t considered well off. I dated a guy for about six months who planned his entire life around the next circuit party…he never missed one…when he should have been planning how he was going to pay his rent.

Around the year 2000 I remember hearing less about circuit parties. They still have them now, but I don’t think they are as popular as they were in the 1990’s. Part of this is because there are a lot of aging circuit queens now. They’ve migrated to places I won’t name specifically because I could get into trouble. But these places are warm all year long, they have palms trees everywhere you look, real estate and the standard of living is cheaper, and there are plenty of younger men around to play with.

A lot are still doing steroids and making daily trips to the gym. You can spot them a mile away. You can’t miss the short salt and pepper hair, the Botox, or the tight Spandex shirts. In some cases it’s a mad attempt to stop the clock and recapture youth. And when I was creating my character for FOUR GAY WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL I wanted him to have something that a smart, professional younger gay man would frown upon.

I just hope I did it objectively. I didn’t want this character to come off as a bad character just because he’s an aging gay circuit boy. He’s a product of his younger days when he was a circuit boy in the 1990’s. And there’s also something charming and endearing about him I hope most people will recognize.

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