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Readers of M/M Romance and M/M Fiction Check Out This New Blog

Anyone who is a fan of M/M romance or M/M Fiction (I didn’t say gay fiction because it’s just easier and people know M/M better…I think), should check out this new blog I found…”For the Love of Men.”

It’s written by Donovan Starr, an author I’ve read and reviewed, and loved. You can get there from here. I’ve also linked in my blog roll.

I spend a lot of time working online for various things. One of the ways I de-stress is to read blogs. But lately I haven’t found any that keep me interested. I used to love reading publishing blogs and literary agent blogs. But so many are disappearing.

And I’m not seeing anything about the new things that are happening in publishing on agent blogs. What I want to hear more about on agent blogs is how agents are helping authors transition into new things, not just the same old letters from the “Query Wars.” And the kind of snark that was entertaining five years ago is getting tired today.

So I’m going elsewhere to find entertainment and information in the blog sphere. And “For the Love of Men,” is a great blog and very well executed.