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A Must Read for Anyone who Buys and Reads E-books!!

Here’s another reader post, not an author post, that I hope will help a few of my readers. Admittedly, I’m one of those technically deprived people who buy all my e-books from Kobo. It’s simple. I push a few buttons on my e-reader and I get the books like magic. Up until six years ago, I was still submitting manuscripts to some publishers in hard copy. I’ve learned a lot about computers since then and I’m obviously still learning. I’ve been 100% electronic for six years now.

But I haven’t been happy about the Kobo shopping process…for many reasons that I’ve explained in previous posts. So I’m linking to this post because I think it’s important for everyone who reads e-books to check out. The blogger in question isn’t a huge fan of mine; we have completely different taste in books. But I respect her opinion and her right to express it. I also think she wrote a damn good post that will help a of readers, so I’m linking to it, here.