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The State of Marriage Documentary; Gays Boycotting Gays; HOT NYC Cop; Footballer Called Out For Homophobia

The State of Marriage Documentary

I posted last week that the documentary I’m in titled, The State of Marriage, is being screened at the Provincetown Film Festival next week. 

This is from my inbox, yesterday:

The State of Marriage trailer premieres tomorrow on The Huffington Post. Here is nice piece about the film (with a great photo of Lola and Marcia) on IndieWire / Thompson on Hollywood.
Here’s  more from Thompson on Hollywood.

Karen Pike Photography/Floating World Pictures Marcia Ross (r) and executive producer Lola Van Wagenen, of “The State of Marriage”

“The State of Marriage,” which follows the long struggle of Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders’ Mary Bonauto and Vermont lawyers Beth Robinson and Susan Murray to secure marriage equality for same-sex couples in the state, premieres June 18 at the Provincetown Film Festival. TOH! has an exclusive first look at the poster for the film below. 

Directed by Jeff Kaufman, who co-produced with Marcia Ross (among many women who were key to getting the film made) “The State of Marriage” traces the trio’s pioneering work—against powerful, vocal opposition—across two decades. In 1999, after a landmark decision by the State Supreme Court, Vermont became the first state to recognize legal rights for same-sex couples; in 2009, the state became the first to legalize marriage equality by legislative vote.

Their grassroots campaign is considered instrumental in the broader movement-building that’s seen same-sex marriage become legal in 37 states and Washington, D.C. in little more than ten years: as Human Rights Campaign national field director Marty Rouse is quoted on the film’s poster, Robinson, Murray, and Bonauto “really changed American history.”
The film, which also includes appearances by Freedom to Marry founder Evan Wolfson, Rep. John Lewis, and Tony-winning playwright Terrence McNally, premieres as opponents and advocates of same-sex marriage await the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in another landmark case, Obergefell v. Hodges, which is expected later this month.
You can check that out here. If you’re going to be in P’town next week I hope you check this out.  The Beth Robinson they mention above who helped shape American history is the same Beth Robinson who performed our wedding ceremony for the documentary, which you can read more about here.
I can’t find a link to the trailer at Huff Po, but when I get one I’ll update.

Gays Boycotting Gays

This article talks about what happened with gay hotelier Ian Reisner (there are links that will explain) because he was caught having a dinner “event” (and donating) for Ted Cruz. And, it asks the question…should gays be boycotting each other?

Gay hotelier Ian Reisner can’t catch a break. Ever since he hosted a private dinner party for gay-hating 2016 presidential hopeful Ted Cruz back in April, he’s suffered an onslaught of bad press, gaffes, lawsuits, and boycotts of his various businesses.

Last weekend, Queer Nation flew a plane over Fire Island trailing a banner calling for people to boycott the millionaire’s businesses there.

Reisner just can’t seem to do right, even if he is on the political right, which begs the question: Is boycotting one of our own really a good idea?

You can read the comments here. There are varying opinions, some were honest enough to admit they don’t know.

One even said this:

 I thought we already did this with Perez Hilton

Frankly, I’d rather not comment too much on this one, because for me the problem isn’t that Reisner had a dinner event for Cruz. It’s the way Reisner handled it all when everything was disclosed.


Remember the hot cop from San Francisco that got so much attention a while back? Well, now it’s been decided that there is a hot NY cop on which we can focus our attention…for fifteen minutes.

Last week, NYC Sheriff’s deputy Miguel Pimental almost broke the internet with some seriously frisky photos. If this is all a PR stunt to improve people’s attitude towards NY law enforcement, it’s working.

But you know what would work even better? If Miguel accepted Playgirl spokesman Daniel Nardicio’s offer to pose nude for the mag.

You can check him out here.

He looks like a nice guy and seems to be having fun being objectified, so good for him. It’s great clickbait.

Footballer Called Out For Homophobia

There’s just something about this that some straight people don’t get. You don’t use the word “gay” as a pejorative. You don’t say, “that’s so gay,” especially when you’re laughing at someone who isn’t gay. I see it all the time on Twitter with low-end young straight women with cleavage, who take feminism back to the dark ages, trying (but failing) to be clever, and there’s even a hashtag designed to retaliate… #thatssostraight. In other words, we’re fed up with it.

In any event, here’s yet another jock gone wrong story about a dude who called another footballer gay in a way that got a lot of attention.

A Norwegian player was given a red card during a recent match for calling an opponent “gay” in a derogatory manner.

Baerum SK’s Simen Juklerod was sent packing for the offense, which until recently wouldn’t have even raised as much as an eyebrow.

Of course he apologized and said it was “lame,” but he also doesn’t think it warrants a red card, which proves what I said above: some straight people just don’t get it.

The rest is here.  

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