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Footballer Comes Out On Camera, Pay Attention Hollywood; A Course On Toxic Masculinity Gets Backlash; Gay Porn Star Trump Supporters FraternityX

Footballer Comes Out On Camera, Pay Attention Hollywood

I almost posted something else about THAT movie that’s constantly being referred to as a gay romance, but I won’t. I’m so sick of reading about that BS I don’t even want to see the title of THAT film again. So here’s something positive, and current, about one decent gay man who is trying to make a huge difference. I think we need to see more of this sort of thing, and a lot less of that antiquated Hollywood nonsense. 

Richie Anderson is a BBC reporter and grassroots football player from the UK. He’s been working on a story about homophobia in his sport.
Last weekend, Anderson decided to come out to his teammates as part of his project. The guys knew he was working on a program about grassroots football. But they had no idea it was going to have a gay angle.

Here’s more. Now that’s what I’d like to see in a movie, not a tired old cliche where a barely legal 17 year old boy who has sex with an older predator, Hollywood. 

A Course On Toxic Masculinity Gets Backlash

When I wrote Kendle’s Fire I purposely set out to question masculinity and the way society expects men to act, react, and behave. It’s fiction and I wanted to keep it simple, because there are set standards for men. If you just look at the surface, men have been stifled in so many ways by the restrictions that society has placed on them it’s kind of interesting to see people defend it. Two women could dance together and no one would care. But if two straight men dance together it’s either odd or laughable…or somehow shameful and diminishing. So while men might have a good deal of privilege, they’ve also been paying a price for it for years. And in many cases it’s women who will be the first ones to dictate what men should or shouldn’t do. 

In any event, I wrote about this topic in my novel, Kendle’s Fire, and I think it’s resonated with a few people. But this article explores something similar with regard to something called toxic masculinity. And I’m really not too far left or far right on this topic. But I do think that men have had restrictions placed upon them by society that haven’t always been fair…or easy…including gay men. 

Branfman teaches gender studies at the Ohio State University. This semester, he is teaching a class titled ‘Be a Man! Masculinities, Race and Nation.’ The course explores different types of masculinity and how certain varieties of it (known as toxic masculinity) can be harmful to men, women, and those in between.

There’s more here. It sounds like an interesting course. The article talks about the class itself, with respect to gender and masculinity, and also talks about the backlash it’s been getting from ultra conservatives. And that’s kind of interesting in itself because it’s the ultra conservative men who’ve been held back the most by these masculinity rules of society. And they don’t even seem to know it. 

Here’s a very short excerpt from Kendle’s Fire. I think it’s a topic we’re going to be hearing a lot more about. 

Then he gazed into the mirror and turned sideways. One of the things he did want to do was break down the stereotypes that had always been forced upon him as a man. He wanted to show them all that men could be sexy in different ways, too, without trying too hard to promote the cliché of masculinity men had always known. 

Kendle’s Fire

A PG Rated Gay Romance

Gay Porn Star Trump Supporters FraternityX 

As most articles tend to be in LGBT publications, this article is more of an opinion piece…or commentary…on how they feel about gay people in the porn industry who support Donald Trump. It’s NSFW, and they make some very strong statements.

This cringeworthy scene from FraternityX, a gay porn site, features men in Make America Great Again (MAGA) hats yelling ‘Trump and Pump’ while gangbanging a bisexual ‘resistor.’

Here’s the rest. Now, when you take into consideration that this is just porn, I’m not sure it’s worthy of any further examination. Seriously. It’s porn. I don’t think it was intended to be taken seriously. But it is amusing and the guys are hot. 

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