David Walton, About A Boy, Netflix; Foot Fetishes and Foot Jobs; Aaron Schock’s Court Records

David Walton, About A Boy, Netflix

When I first signed up for Netflix I was just like everyone else. I couldn’t get enough of it. But after you binge on the first two or three shows, it’s like everything else and it’s hard to find something decent to watch.

And then I found a TV show called About A Boy. I rarely do TV show reviews here, but I think anyone who reads romance books, especially m/m romance, would like this one. It’s an old trope…kind of like Who’s the Boss…but it’s done well, and everything about it is current. And it’s never, ever about the trope for me. It’s always about how the trope is done.

It stars David Walton, who could pretty much carry any project on his own at this point. He plays a gorgeous 39 year old one hit wonder named Will Freeman who is hanging on to what’s left of his youth, living a vapid life with no substance at all. Then he gets new neighbors, Minnie Driver and Benjamin Stockham, who play Fiona and Marcus, and his life changes forever. Will has plenty of money, looks that don’t end, an ass that makes skinny jeans sing, and all he cares about is when he’s getting laid next. Fiona is an overbearing, single vegan mom, with a teenage son who could lead the geek patrol with his sweaters and hats alone, and she hasn’t been with a man in years.

I’m not going to give any spoilers because there is an actual story line, and there’s a romance. It’s also set in San Francisco with a lovable background, and I loved the supporting cast, too. In fact, there’s nothing about this show I didn’t love. And I think that’s because the lines are so great. It’s not easy to write, act, or execute comedy well. But they pull it off in About A Boy in a way that will leave you laughing at the most unexpected times.

So if you’re looking for something to binge on, check out About A Boy on Netflix. You’ll even love the music. It says there are only two seasons, but for some reason they did twenty shows in the second season, which gave them enough time to tie up the story line so that you’ll get that added bonus of HFN in the end.

I just wish it had been picked up for more seasons. Hollywood TV producery people, why do you do these things all the time with TV shows as good as this?!?

Foot Fetishes and Foot Jobs

This is something that no one ever talks about openly, but I think lingers in the background with more people than we know about. For some reason, it’s rarely even done in erotic romance. The one book I wrote, Four Feet Under With My Buddies, was something I wanted to explore because I didn’t know anything about foot fetishes. And I have received enough private e-mails and DMs since that book was released from readers to know that a lot of people are into feet. 

Here’s a Cosmopolitan article that talks about feet honestly.

After breasts and booties, feet are the body part that turns us on most. But what is it about feet that does it for so many people? In this week’s Sex Talk Realness, Cosmopolitan.com speaks with one woman and two men about having a foot fetish.

You can check that out here. I’ll be exploring this one a little more in the future. 

Aaron Schock’s Court Records

The only reason why I follow this story about Aaron Schock is because I find it interesting that gay presses would continue to focus on him, and go after him in such vituperative ways. I don’t get why, but the gay presses seem to find him highly newsworthy. They use words and phrases like “flaming heterosexual.”

This time it’s about Aaron Schock’s court records.

A federal judge has just ordered the files surrounding the totally-not-gay, 100 percent hetero ex-congressman’s current legal battle with the House of Representatives and federal prosecutors shall remain sealed… for now.
You can read the rest here.  But I warn you ahead of time, you still won’t be able to figure out why these gay press people are so hooked on going after Aaron Schock. 

This particular article was written by none other than HRH Graham Gremore, the gayest of us all, who once slammed romance books, as if he’s THE homosexual all knowing one of literature and the well written word.

Four Feet Under With My Buddies


The Rainbow Detective Agency Rancho Mirage

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Gay Men and Big Feet; Hot Colorado Firefighters; Clinton Papers on DADT; Four Feet Under With My Buddies by Ryan Field

Gay Men and Big Feet

This isn’t an official clinical study but it’s interesting all the same. Allegedly, gay men with big feet are more likely to cheat on their lovers, partners, or husbands than those with dainty feet. Over 31,000 participated and those with size ten or larger are 3 times more likely to cheat than those with size seven, eight, or nine.

18 percent of dudes have size seven feet. Of that 18 percent, just 4 percent reported that they would cheat on their partner. By contrast, 22 percent with size 11 shoes and 16 percent with sizes 12 to 13 shoes said that they would consider being unfaithful.

According to David Perrett, a specialist in psychology and neuroscience at the University of St. Andrews, “Body proportions are related and big shoes will likely mean a bigger, taller body. Body stature will relate to personality. Size will enable individuals to dominate in social situations. Dominance itself may open opportunities for affairs.”

You can read the rest here. However, the foot size of a man doesn’t dictate penis size. Hand size might be slightly different, so they say.  If you’re into feet, and I know many of you are, secretly, check out the foot photo with the link. And, check out my .99 e-book below that has a foot fetish theme. I don’t normally focus on specific kinks this way, but I had a few requests for this one.

Hot Colorado Firefighters

It’s that time of year again. Calender season. Where it’s become a ritual for all men with even a hint of a good body to take off their clothes and pose for calendars. I’m sure there will be many more to come. But they do serve a purpose. They’re almost always for a worthy charity.

You don’t have to be shy with us, we know at one point in your life you bought a calendar full of gorgeous half-naked men. The demigods served as daily inspiration every time you woke up. This year, we want you to wake up every morning under the protection of the men who make up Colorado’s finest Firefighters. Colorado-based underwear brand Baskit teams up with the hunks to make one scorching calendar every year. Not only do you get daily eye candy, but the proceeds from the calendars go to the Children’s Hospital of Colorado.

You can read more here, with photo samples.

Clinton Papers on DADT

Papers from the Clinton administration were recently made public and the topic of DADT is supposedly riddled with homophobia.

These are the most offensive:

“Homo[sexuality] is a problem for us,” Powell said, according to the notes taken at the meeting. He also recited all the same bogus fears that led to DADT, including the old predator canard; the notes say Powell was “concerned about forced association and immaturity of 18-year-old.”

The most offensive remarks came from Marine Commandant Carl Mundy, who 16 years later was still urging the president (now Obama) not to repeal DADT.  According to the notes, Mundy said that the statement “I’m gay” was the “same as I’m KKK, Nazi, rapist.” Coming out “fractures teamwork” and tells the world “I commit [an] act Amer[ica] doesn’t accept.”

Then democratic President Clinton wasn’t without his homophobic statements. I remember arguing this point with several people back then. They didn’t believe me.

“People I would like to keep [in the military] wouldn’t show up at a Queer Nation parade,” the president said, referring to the activist group.

I remember those days well, waiting to hear what would happen. The odd thing is that even though times were different to a certain extent, it was a lot better at that time than it was ten years prior to that, and I find these comments amazing from Clinton…even for that time period. Most liberal democrats at the time had already moved beyond that point.

You can read more here. The person who came out the best in the papers who supported gays was Vice President Al Gore.

Four Feet Under with My Buddies
by Ryan Field
.99 E-book

The Interesting Thing About Feet…

When I wrote a short story about a guy with a foot fetish, I had no idea I would be getting the responses I’ve been getting. I had a feeling there were more people out there who are interested in this topic, so to speak, but never expected to hear from so many…and so soon after the story was released.

Evidently, at least from the feedback I’m getting, this fetish involving feet doesn’t have any restrictions either. I’ve received e-mails from men and women, gay and straight. And almost all reply with the same tone: discretion. And I appreciate that as an author who writes erotic fiction. Discretion is probably more important to the readers of erotica of any kind than any book review ever posted online. We still live in a society where things like foot fetishes, no matter how harmless they are, aren’t taken seriously in public. In private, however, I’m learning this goes far deeper than I ever thought it would.

I honestly can’t say when I’m going to write another story or book that focuses on foot fetish. I also know that a lot of people don’t like it…I’m finding it’s one of those things that people either love or hate. And, I don’t want to get locked into one particular theme, ever. But I will continue to add this into other books I write. Even though the book won’t revolve around a foot fetish I see no reason why it can’t be explored in one or two scenes in a book. And I promise I won’t make a joke out of it.

Here’s a link where you can read more about the book.

And here’s an unpublished excerpt.

When I walked into the gym, I saw these two
guys I didn’t know very well. Though I didn’t
know them by name, I’d seen them around
campus a lot. They were shooting hoops at the
other end of the gym. They were the only guys in
there, and when I opened the door, the clank from
the metal handle echoed so much, they both
stopped shooting and glanced in my direction. I
nodded and continued to the locker room, feeling
awkward and out of place. I’ve always found it
interesting that I often feel as if I’m intruding on
people because I’m gay. It shouldn’t define me;
yet it does.

The one guy shooting hoops was about six
feet tall, with long, lanky arms and legs. His head
wasn’t completely shaved, but his hair was so
short, all it would have taken was a few swipes
from a sharp razor to make him bald. He had a
dark olive complexion and a dark, well-trimmed
goatee that framed his lips. His legs were hairy.
He wore navy blue basketball shorts that sagged
below his knees, a white T-shirt that coveredmost of his crotch, and white Adidas basketball
shoes with those sexy little white ankle socks.

The other guy bouncing the ball was a little
shorter, closer to my height. He had dark curly
hair but not as short as the taller guy’s. He didn’t
have any facial hair, but he had the same olive
complexion. His baggy basketball shorts were
bright, school bus yellow and his T-shirt burnt
orange. From what I could see at that distance,
he wore bright green Adidas basketball shoes
with black ankle socks.

I’d seen both of these guys walking around on
campus more than once. They were always
together; they always kept to themselves. If I’d
run into them on a dark street, they would have
intimidated me. They looked like trouble. I’d
heard other people talking about them in the
student union and no one seemed to know what
their deal was.

Something Different Coming Soon

I’ve begun work on edits for a new release that deals with a subject/fetish I’ve never explored before in m/m fiction/romance…as an author or a reader. I don’t know the exact release date. But I do know I will be working with my editor at loveyoudivine until I think it’s as close to perfect as I can get it.

The subject deals with foot fetish. And I’ve never done anything like it before because I don’t know much about it. But I’ve always believed that if you write fiction you should be able to write on any topic…I’ve also never been a fan of that school of thought that says, “Write what you know.” I think if all authors wrote what they knew, we’d have a lot of boring, sucky novels around. For me, I’d rather explore things I’ve never done before and don’t know about. It keeps me moving forward as an author and, I hope, keeps my work fresh. I also think the market for foot fetish readers is larger than most people would imagine. It’s still a minor sub-genre, but there have to be people interested in reading it.

This is just one more reason why I love working with a publisher like loveyoudivine so much. They allow me the freedom to do this without asking any questions. Sometimes, when I submit something to them, I’m not sure how they will respond. But when I do hear back, it’s always something positive and encouraging. And we move forward with the project.

I’m going to post about a few changes I’m going to be making in the coming new year. Like I said, as an author, there’s nothing worse than not having the ability to move forward and venture into new areas you haven’t been before. This may very well be my first and last foot fetish story, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a lot of new things happening in the future.