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Freedom To Marry…The Minnesota Catholic Conference

For those of you who are not on the Freedom To Marry mailing list, I’m posting an e-mail I just received from them.


We’ve known from the beginning that the fight to defeat the proposed anti-gay amendment in Minnesota would be intense, but we didn’t expect this:

The Minnesota Catholic Conference has announced they will put “extraordinary resources toward making sure this marriage amendment gets passed.”

From the Minnesota Star Tribune:

Minnesota’s Roman Catholic bishops are taking the unusual step of urging parish priests across the state to form committees to help get the proposed marriage amendment passed by voters in 2012.
This unholy alliance between the Catholic hierarchy in Minnesota and the anti-gay “National Organization for Marriage” (NOM) is unconscionable, and it’s going to take everything we have to stave off their attack campaign.

Can you pitch in to support Freedom to Marry’s work in Minnesota?
Gallup and other polls show that 63% of Catholics support the freedom to marry — yet this isn’t the first time we’ve faced a multimillion-dollar campaign funded by the hierarchy of the Catholic Church to ban the freedom to marry and it won’t be the last. But this time we’re prepared.

Freedom to Marry helped found Minnesotans United for All Families, the campaign to defeat the attack amendment. We’ve already committed more than $200,000 to Minnesota this year, and have sent senior staff to help the campaign get up-and-running. We’ve even started the Freedom to Marry Minnesota PAC to channel your dollars to the battle.

We can win in Minnesota by building the largest grassroots campaign the state has ever seen. But, we need your help.

Donate today to help us defeat the anti-gay amendment in Minnesota:

Thanks for all you do,

Marc Solomon

National Campaign Director, Freedom to Marry

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