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Gay Life On Campus

I always wonder about this, because when I was in college there was no gay life on campus. In fact, I don’t think there ever was gay life on most campuses until fairly recently. That’s not to say there weren’t gay people. I can’t speak for lesbians, but the gay guys found ways to meet each other through the typical cruising venues and gay bars…and also the men’s room.

In any event, this piece I’m linking to now talks about what campus life is like for gay freshmen now…I think openly gay and those still in the closet. It’s one of those meme things I love so much, where they ask gay men questions and the guys answer in one or two lines.

This one shows not all that much has changed.

Being gay in college sucks. It’s appropriate for a guy to flirt with a girl, but it’s taboo for a guy to flirt with another guy. 

This next one just about sums it all up for me when I was in college. 

Freshman in college and just realized I’m gay. Probably going to nap this day away.

Well, there you are. Now tell me how we don’t have to fight any longer with gay marriage being legal.

You can read the rest here. 

Gay Days At Disney

I try to post something about this every year, because I think it’s important to gay people in general, and for the many gay people who have, or are starting, families of their own.

For one weekend this fall — October 2-4, to be specific — the happiest place on earth becomes one the gayest places on the planet. That’s when thousands of LGBT revelers walk through the gates of the Magic Kingdom transforming Disneyland into a landscape of red T-shirts. Since 1998 when it was organized by Eddie Shapiro and Jeffrey Epstein (who also coauthored the guide book Queens in the Kingdom), the annual event Gay Days Anaheim has drawn many thousands of fairy tale fans to the amusement park to thrill to both the exhilarating rides and the exciting parties. Shapiro, who now produces the weekend solo,  chatted with Queerty about how Gay Days has evolved over the years, what he has planned for guests next month and how to maximize your pleasure during the weekend.

You can check out the rest here.

Five Things Gays Hate by Graham Gremore

When I’m getting these blog posts ready to publish, I often find I have to re-read certain things…or I blink a few times. To put this kindly, I made a point of mentioning the author of the article by name because he repeatedly posts in generalities like this.

And most people don’t really know how diversified the gay male community is. I think articles like this do us a disservice. One because it’s not funny enough to be humor or sarcasm, which I love if it’s done right. Two, because there are people out there who take things like this seriously. Three, because it pits one gay man against another.

Here’s one of the things gay men allegedly hate…allegedly:

Frat Boys

We hate them because of what they represent: heterosexism, elitism, douchebaggery, etc. We denounce their lack of proper hygiene, their terrible sense of style, their ill manners. Yet at the same time we love them because they’re kinda hot and because, even though they’re probably pretty sloppy and selfish in the sack, we still kinda sorta want to hook up with them, even if just for the bragging rights.

I don’t hate frat boys. None of the gay men I know hate frat boys. I don’t hate anything else on that list either. If I were to waste my time hating anything or anyone, I would hate guys like Graham Gremore for writing content like this. Even if this is an attempt at humor, it’s a huge fail.

And someone should tell him.

You can read the rest here. The comments are mixed, and I get that. They should be mixed, because we are such a diverse community.

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