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Kim Davis and Marriage Tampering; Man Smashes Gay Advertisement; Five Things to Watch With Pope’s Visit

Kim Davis And Marriage License Tampering

I know some people on social media are tired of hearing about Kim Davis. I’m sick of her name, too. However, this is important to the gay people who have to deal with her and the marriage licenses that come from her office, so you’ll just have to skip this part if you aren’t interested in the latest game she allegedly pulled…or tried to pull.

I think it’s newsworthy.

In short, it’s being alleged that she changed the marriage license formatting for a specific purpose. Attorneys for the ACLU want the original license format returned.

On Friday, the lawyer for Deputy Clerk Brian Mason, who has been issuing licenses since Davis was jailed, told the court Davis confiscated the licenses upon her return and gave him a document that removed references to Rowan County and Davis’ office and required him to list his title as a notary public.

The changes run afoul of Bunning’s order, the filing by the lawyers for the plaintiffs said. At the minimum, she has created considerable uncertainty for marriage applicants about their licenses and subsequent marriages, the filing said.

You can read the rest here.  

Man Smashes Gay Advertisement

This one, at the very least, is honest. This older straight guy without teeth who sounds like Carol Channing went berserk on a public street when he saw an ad with two gay men embracing in a photo.

Evidently, he hated the gay ad so much he decided to destroy it, while proudly being filmed.

Below, watch this reported father of nine (dental insurance must be out of the question with nine mouths to feed) make his case for destroying public property (spoiler alert: his argument is “I don’t have to put up with this!” because of the first amendment, duh):

You can watch the video here.

Five Things to Watch With Pope’s Visit

Where I live in New Hope, PA we’re basically an hour from Philadelphia and an hour from New York City. However, we are considered part of the northern Philadelphia suburbs and we get mostly Philadelphia news. When I tell you that the city of Philadelphia has gone completely out of its way to prepare for the papal visit I’m not exaggerating. Major bridges have been shut down, schools are all closed, cars are being towed, and many are leaving the city for a few days to avoid all the unbelievable chaos.

It’s a huge event and I think a lot of people are watching this particular Pope for many reasons. One of which has to do with the LGBT community. So here are five things they say we should be watching.

Does the pope keep Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput at arms’ length? Chaput is one of the most homophobic bishops in the U.S. hierarchy, which is quite a statement, given the competition near and far. Chaput is hosting Francis’s visit to the City of Brotherly Love and made sure that the only gay within sight is one who is celibate. The bishop ensured that there was zero LGBT representation in conference about families leading up to the pontiff’s trip. The question is whether Francis will rebuke, gently or otherwise, the hard-line tactics of Chaput or send a signal that he wants a less rigid approach.

I’ve watched Chaput on Philadelphia news supporting everything that would be considered anti-gay, anti-equal rights, and anti-civil liberties. So I think it is important to see what kind of connection he has with the Pope.

And then again, after 12 years of Catholic school I know it all too well. So don’t expect too much from this Pope. He’s the Pope and he doesn’t make the rules alone.

You can read the other four things here. They actually do make sense this time.

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