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Below is a new review from Twolips for A REGULAR BUD. The link to the review is in red, below, and I’ve posted the entire review below that. Thanks Tina…I didn’t expect this.

A Regular Bud by Ryan Field

Written by Tina
Saturday, 10 April 2010

Rating: Five Lips

Noah, a construction worker by day, has a roommate named Preston. Noah is very normal, except for the kink he keeps hidden from everyone, even Preston. He loves to wear high-heeled white leather shoes and hold a cigarette in his hands when he gets himself off. He doesn’t smoke, just holds it, but the sensations that wash over him make him hornier than anything. When Preston’s straight-laced brother catches Noah in his secret kink, Noah gets a very unexpected surprise indeed.
Ryan Field has written a short but very sweet story in A Regular Bud, a tale about being yourself and having the person you love accept you as you are. Noah has always been a love ’em and leave ’em kind of guy who never lets his lovers know his secret kink, even though itreally get him in the mood. He never thought he could tell anyone, and then he meets Dave. Dave is more than meets the eye. He’s someone Noah can be himself with. It was very heart warming to see the no holds barred acceptance, with no explaining as to why.

I loved these two and that that Dave was so accepting, even feeding into Noah’s fantasies. It was like soul mates meeting and knowing they belong together. When you want a short but hot bedtime read, try reading A Regular Bud. You’ll enjoy it.
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