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State of Marriage Film in Provincetown; Ian Reisner on Gay Extremists; Five Flavored Lubricants; Lily Tomlin on Chit Rivera

State of Marriage Film In Provincetown

The documentary Tony and I were part of called, The State of Marriage, by Floating World Pictures in Los Angeles, that revolves around same sex marriage in Vermont will be premiering at The Provincetown Film Festival this June. Here’s a link to previous posts I wrote about a year ago. We were married by Vermont Supreme Court Justice, Beth Robinson, and our small ceremony in Montgomeryville Center, VT is a part of the documentary.

From my inbox:

We are pleased to let you know that THE STATE OF MARRIAGE will premiere at The Provincetown International Film Festival (June 17 – 21, on  Cape Cod). We wanted the film to debut at a first rate festival with a strong social agenda, that is also fairly close to Vermont. This is a perfect venue. The schedule hasn’t been announced yet, so we will send another note with the date and time. We would love to see you there, if possible. THANK YOU again for all your support. Making this documentary has been a really moving experience. Our first public screening will come on the eve of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Obergefell v Hodges, the marriage equality case that was argued, in part, by Mary Bonauto. It’s a great time to celebrate the work of so many people. Here is info on the festival:

Press Release | Provincetown International Film Festival

If you have any questions, please let us know. More soon, special thanks, and all best – Jeff and Marcia
I’ll post more as I get the information. We’re hoping to get up there for the premiere.  

Ian Reisner on Gay Extremists

The hotelier and gay club owner, Ian Reisner, from New York who recently had a fundraising dinner for Ted Cruz, then apologized after backlash from gay activists, and then called gay men cheap, made a few more comments about gay extremists.

In an op-ed in the Observer, he calls out the “gay extremists” who don’t understand the virtues of breaking bread with someone like Cruz who has proudly boasted about his “proven record of standing and fighting to protect traditional marriage between one man and one woman.” In the same week as the dinner, Cruz filed two bills to halt same-sex marriage.

So which is it? A “terrible mistake” or an intentional engagement with the opposition? Because it can’t be both.

“I hosted a United States Senator Presidential candidate and asked him how he would feel if his daughter were to tell him she was lesbian,” Weiderpass writes. “How often do you think he has been asked that?” 

I don’t totally disagree with Reisner…about breaking bread with the opposition. It’s politics. I just wish he’d get someone to help him express himself a little better.

You can read the rest here.

Five Flavored Lubricants

Sorry if this isn’t the smoothest transition from serious politics to pure clickbait fluff, but this actually is kind of interesting for people looking for a variety of lubes.

The good folks over at Buzzfeed have done us all a huge favor and taste tested a variety of flavored lubricants to let us know which ones are worth buying.

Seven “lube experts” (whatever that means) tested five different flavored lubes: pink lemonade, chocolate orange, green apple, dulce de leche, and mojito peppermint. They based their judgements on four qualities: taste, smell, texture, and usability.

Here’s the link. There’s a video. And yes, lube is important, too.

Lily Tomlin on Chita Rivera

To be perfectly honest here, I don’t have a clue as to who Lily Tomlin or Chita Rivera are. One is an older TV star and the other an older Broadway Musical star. But I thought it was an interesting article on the dangers of jumping to conclusions, and I’m sure many of you do know who Tomlin and Rivera are…and it’s funny.

This is Tomlin jumping to conclusions after she thought she heard Rivera make a gay slur:

‘I suddenly heard her say, “purse nelly.” First she had said my “boy dancers” and the skin on the back of my neck bristled up, and that’s when she said “purse nelly” and then I just went ballistic. I said, ” What did you say?!”

‘I lashed out. She said, “I dunno! WHADISAY?” I said, “You said, ‘purse nelly.’ I wanna know what that means. What you meant by that!” “I don’t know. Whadisay? Pursenelly? Personally.” She was saying “personally”!’

Tomlin would’ve apologized if she had been able to speak at that point.

‘I was so embarrassed,’ she remembers. ‘I just doubled over laughing and fell on the floor.’

You can read the rest here. Where Tomlin got the phrase “purse nelly” I’m not sure. I couldn’t even find it in Urban Dictionary, and you can find almost anything there. 

Five Star Amazon Review!!

I loved this book and found the plot to be very exciting! This book is full of twists and turns along with being a romance. Proctor and Blair are a great duo. They own a detective agency and are called to duty in their next big case. Issac went missing and he is a celebrity and model. Nobody really knows what happened and Proctor and Blair are called in to complete the case. Issac had something special about him that makes Proctor and Blair wonder. While they try to solve the case, they get more intimately involved with each other. I loved how fast moving the pace was and the story grabbed my attention! This is quite the romance and it’s a mystery that will keep you on your toes. I hope that the author will continue the series.