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Openly Gay African-American, Republican Mayor in New Jersey

I went to college in Florham/Madison, NJ, and my family had a summer home in Lake Hopatcong, NJ, for over forty years. I still consider this area home. I grew up, at least part of the year, in Morris County, NJ, not far from Chatham, where this news is taking place.

It seems times are changing in more ways than one. Now there’s an openly gay, African-American mayor, who is also a Republican, in Chatham, NJ. For those who don’t know, Chatham is a very exclusive town, not far from where Jackie O used to ride on weekends.

You can read more about it here.

Here are the first few lines, taken verbatim from LGBTQ Nation.

CHATHAM, N.J. — Bruce Harris was sworn in this week as Mayor of the borough of Chatham, N.J., and became what is believed to be the first openly gay, black Republican mayor in the country.

Harris, an attorney and 30-year resident of Chatham, said he did not enter politics to break barriers, but “I have felt it is my duty to serve the community,” reported the Daily Record.