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Finding Prince Charming Cast Is Livid; AIDS Death Threats For Spain’s Gay Football Referee; Peter Thiel, Donald Trump, and Supreme Court Nomination

Finding Prince Charming Cast Is Livid

I posted about Finding Prince Charming series star Robert Sepulveda Jr. being a former male escort here. Well here’s a story about how the rest of the cast feels about his past. And as is typical of these PC judgmental times in which we are living, none of them were willing to speak openly about it.

 Another contestant echoed this sentiment, as well as the insistence that their name not be used: “There are videos of Robert out there that are quite disgusting,” said Mr. Mysterioso. “Now I’m associated with him. Try explaining that your mother.”

“Quite disgusting.”


I guess I don’t understand why they’re so “livid.” It’s a reality show, not a live broadcast from the Vatican. 

You can check this out here.

AIDS Death Threats For Spain’s Openly Gay Football Referee

The only openly gay football referee in Spain, Jesús Tomillero, received tons of death threats in May so he took a short hiatus, understandably. Now that he’s returned to work, it’s grown even worse.

Shortly after the match, the death threats on social media began pouring in.

“You son of a bitch,” read one. “You messed with the wrong club. We’ll kill you with Aids, you faggot.”

Here’s the rest. Tomillero is scared, but he’s quoted saying that he will continue doing what he loves to do in spite of these homophobic attacks. There’s a photo of him with the link. He’s very nice looking guy, and it just guts me when I see things like this happening to other gay men.

Peter Thiel, Donald Trump, and Supreme Court Nomination

I saw this trending earlier this week but I didn’t see any details about it. According to this article, there’s “absolutely no truth” to the rumors that Donald Trump will offer Peter Thiel a seat on the Supreme Court.

However, this is what has been trending.

A source close to the Trump campaign says the Republican nominee for President “deeply loves Peter Thiel” and thinks that he would make an excellent Supreme Court justice. So much so that he may have already offered him a spot, should he be elected to the oval office.

There’s more here.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.