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PETA And Penis Shaming; Straight Men Touching Other Penises; Finally Coming Out As Gay

PETA and Penis Shaming

At first I thought this was an April fool’s joke, but I did a search and saw that others had blogged about it, too.

Evidently, PETA in all their wisdom tweeted that eating chicken can stunt the growth of your child’s penis and in their attempt to do this they’re being called out for penis shaming.
But the criticism directed at Peta wasn’t just the usual ‘er bacon tho’ from people who just really hate vegans (although there was plenty of that too, natch).

Many vegans themselves have called the group out for not just implying, but outright saying that men with smaller penises are inferior.

You can read the rest right here….

Straight Men Touching Other Penises

Here’s a story from MTV where they talk about straight men touching other penises for the first time.

That’s why the concept of a straight man touching another man anywhere brings forth weird, confusing feelings for a lot of people — but two hosts are trying to combat those feelings.

The whole article actually goes a lot deeper than the headline suggests, which you can find here.  
I think it touches on a few interesting things, one of which is the way men are not allowed to do many of the things women can do. In fact, men are expected to obey the rules of society otherwise face ridicule and disdain, and from what I see on Twitter a good deal of that comes from women. Just give a guy a satchel (or a man purse) and watch the straight women rip him apart. That I’ve seen personally. And men wind up stuffing their pockets with phones, keys, wallets, and glasses in order to avoid the criticism.
Finally Coming Out As Gay
If I ever manage to get one point across to just one person in my entire life, in books or here on this blog, it’s that there is no shame in being gay. Here’s a series of memes with quotes from guys who have finally accepted the fact that they are gay.  It’s never really easy to do this, and some never do.
This year is the first time I’ve accepted myself and opened up as gay. I was extremely nervous to do it but I’m so happy to see how far I’ve come.
We see a lot of people these days talking about how much they hate labels. It really irritates me, for many reasons. They don’t understand why someone should be labeled gay. And I think this is because they get sex confused with something much deeper. Gay is not about sex. Gay is a culture in itself. And whenever I see someone really bashing gay as a label, no matter how well intended they may be, I have to wonder what demons they’re hiding deep down inside. Because as you can see from these memes, it’s never easy to accept that you’re gay. But it’s the only way to get rid of the shame. 
So the next time some actor like Colton Haynes plays coy with being gay, you might wonder for a moment just why he’s being so secretive and what’s motivating him. Because there’s nothing wrong with admitting you are gay. 
Here’s the rest. 

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