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Excerpt From Final Draft: Babycakes

I just finished looking over the final draft of Babycakes. It’s a story about a young man who’s been caring for his elderly mother for many years and finally gets a chance to travel to Australia and enjoy himself. There’s a photo of the cover in the post below this.

Release Date is June 10th. Here’s an excerpt…the first couple of paragraphs.

He was a man who had missed out on a lot of
fun in life is how Nate would have described
himself. After college, he went straight to law
school; after that, he went back to his dreary
hometown to open a small law office and take care
of his aging mother. He lived in Martha Falls, MD,
a small, square hamlet about fifty miles outside
of Baltimore and a million miles away from any
hint of a gay lifestyle. He’d settled there into the
banal, uninspired existence of caregiver and didn’t
bother to leave again until a week after his
mother’s funeral.
He was thirty-five years old by then but looked
more like twenty-five. An only child who had been
left with the responsibility of dealing with
Alzheimer’s. He could have put her in a nursing
home. But he didn’t.

Though many of his nights were spent rubbing
the clenched fists of his mother’s boney,
translucent hands and softly explaining to her
there was no need to rant about being lost and
afraid, there had also been plenty of free time to
work out with weights in the basement and run
endless miles on the treadmill in his childhood
bedroom. While saving his sanity with exercise,
Nate developed strong, solid legs that led upward
to a lean, tight waist.