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10 Most Pirated Films 2014; Rainbow Award Allegations; Guys Wearing Socks

10 Most Pirated Films 2014

In a way, it feels better for some reason to post about those who pirate films instead of books…for a change. This article talks about the 10 most pirated films of 2014. But what’s even more interesting is the comment thread where one brave man decided to challenge film piracy and the comments that follow remind me of a lot of e-book discussions I’ve heard.

The guy’s name is Ryan…it’s really not me. But I would have said basically what he said…

Out of curiosity, am I the only one who finds no excuse for pirating movies (or games, or music, etc.)? There isn’t a single credible argument in its favor, at least not that I can see. It honestly baffles me that people defend it. I get that it will happen no matter what, but there are just so many people who don’t even have the presence of mind to realize that it is, by definition, wrong. I just don’t get it.

It’s nice to see someone still has some moral compass left.

Rainbow Award Allegations

The post I’m linking to was written by an author I don’t know, but I did read basically the same thing in several other places so I know it’s accurate. Evidently, someone accused the Rainbow Awards of “fraud” and book blogger Elisa Rolle put up a detailed statement to disabuse people of any misconceptions/allegations floating around out there.

In part, it states:

The more than 150 volunteering judges are established readers, writers and reviewers in the LGBTQ Romance genre and therefore not completely unbiased, but every effort is made to select the books every judge is given so that affiliations with publishers, genres and categories (for writers) limits the chance of bias.

I’ve personally been a juror for the Rainbow Awards since its beginning and I can personally back this statement up on my small scale. I’ve also gone that extra proverbial mile and I’ve requested they don’t send me books to judge by authors I know, or publishers with which I’m affiliated. In other words, the eight books I judged this year were written by authors I’d never read before, never met anywhere before, and knew nothing about. I also read books outside of my genre. In addition to this, I don’t enter any of my books at all. So the books really are carefully selected to help keep things more objective. And it’s all in writing through e-mail exchanges in case anyone ever wants to challenge me. I learned to never assume anything a long time ago and I plan ahead, in writing, just in case.

The name of the person who made these allegations was not disclosed. At least I haven’t seen it anywhere.

You can read more here.

Guys Wearing Socks

This link is here just because it’s fun. There’s a photo of adorable men wearing nothing but socks, and they aren’t wearing the socks on their feet if you get my drift. I like it so much I left my own comment. And I have to find out how this blogger gets permission to post photos like this. Is there something I’m missing about copyright laws? Or does he/she just contact each person and ask for permission in writing. I’ve taken down all past images I wasn’t sure about…thousands…this past year for copyright infringement reasons. I don’t want to take any chances. But I’m starting to think some bloggers have figured ways around this. Maybe it has something to do with advertisers. I’ve been contacted by underwear companies and they’ve given me permission to use their photos.

You can get there from here.

My photo above is listed in the public domain and I found it here.