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Real Life vs Gay Apps; Gay Pornster Johnny Rapid Arrested; Robbie Rogers on FIFA and World Cup Russia

Real Life vs Gay Apps

LGBT news is really dull this month, so I’m bottom feeding right now with this story about if guys acted in real life the way they do in gay apps. This is actually a video and it’s pretty self-explanatory, but it does make an important social commentary I think we all deal with these days with the way people represent themselves online as opposed to the way they would behave in real life. 

And as digital grids of thirsty queens replace public cruising, it only makes sense that people’s behavior would get more audacious. What’s the worst that can happen? You get ignored, blocked, maybe a nasty response. But the rejection is minimal, and then it’s on to the next.

What would happen if the tables turned again and we transferred our digital behavior back into the 3D world?

This is why I think about what I say or do online carefully all the time, so I never give off the impression that I’m not who I say I am. Of course I’m not going to post photos of me before coffee in the morning, but I think it’s important not to lead people on, online, with false impressions. Or, to say things I normally wouldn’t say in the real world. Evidently, that’s not always the case in the hook up scene.

Here’s a link to watch the video. 

Gay Pornster Johnny Rapid Arrested

Remember how I posted about gay for pay porn star, Johnny Rapid, baiting Justin Bieber with 2 million dollars to do a porn video with him? Well good old Johnny is back in the news, and this time it’s all about an alleged threesome with a 14 year old girl and beating his girlfriend.

A newly released police report reveals the 22-year-old performer, whose real name is Hylan Taylor, is being charged with battery for allegedly choking, pushing and hitting his girlfriend last year. 

In the report, it alleges the girlfriend refused to arrange a threesome between the couple and a 14-year-old girl on 9 October. 

A Rockdale County, Georgia officer writes the couple encountered a young Asian female at a bowling alley who told Taylor’s girlfriend she was 18. 

The rest of this sordid story is here.

I’ll bet we read more about this in the coming weeks. And, if you’re interested in knowing more about good old Johnny Rapid here’s a link that talks more about his background. I’d rather not waste time quoting this one. The tone of the article is about as dumb as dumb gets.

Robbie Rogers on FIFA and World Cup Russia

I’m sure no one could forget the shabby way Johnny Weir treated the entire Russian Olympic debacle last year.  It was not received well at all.

In direct contrast to Weir, openly gay footballer, Robbie Rogers, is now speaking out about how he feels about FIFA having the world cup in Russia. And he’s doing a damn good job this time.

‘I would never pressure anyone into speaking about the issue but it is absolutely insane,’ he told Sky Sports. 

‘If you look at the next few World Cups, they are in places where, if I were to go, I would possibly be imprisoned or beat up … It is pretty ridiculous.’ 

Rogers said FIFA, football’s governing body, should be doing more to help gay players and fans. 

‘There is going to be number of gay fans that will go to watch the sport. Of course there is going to be another gay footballer there,’ Rogers said ‘I think it is an issue that needs to be spoken about and discussed with Fifa because every player should feel safe when they go to a World Cup.’ 

Rogers continues in the same fashion, which you can finish here. Finally, a gay man who is smart and isn’t afraid to open his mouth. I think we’ll be hearing more about this guy, too.

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