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Publishing News…

I received an intersting e-mail from a friend who follows the publishing industry very closely. I thought it was very good news, so I’m posting it anonymously below.

Today’s post brought a very exciting offer from Barnes and Noble. As many of you knowFictionwise was recently purchased by B&N for something on the order of 15M. Lovely number for being one of the first ebook distributors on the block. Barnes and Noble has decided to catch up, and is launching their own ebookstore THIS year. All content available at FW will also be available at B&N when they’re new site launches.

As many of you know, B&N is also testing the new $50K bookbinding machines in their brick and mortar stores. To have manufacturing capabilities in the actual stores is revolutionary, we know – and a step ahead of what Amazon can ever do, considering the customer can pick up the actual book, leaf through it, and order a copy to be printed, bound and chopped in the next five minutes. Lets hope our ebook distribution agreement makes us first to upload our POD content when they start accepting it.Very exciting times in the publishing industry, folks. Ebooks just went MAINSTREAM!! !OXOX