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Gay For Pay New York Fire Fighter; Jonathan West Gay Porn Top; Ravenous Romance Feature

Gay For Pay New York Fire Fighter

Last night while on Twitter I came across a tweet by a well known gay male porn star who was feeling frustrated and not sure about whether or not he wanted to continue in male adult entertainment. He’s been around for a while now, and I think his thoughts are fairly normal…even if he doesn’t realize it himself right now. The point is that everyone has to move forward eventually, which is a perfect example of this part of the post.

At first I thought the most surprising thing about this article I’m linking to now was that a guy was hired by the Fire Department of New York and he’s gay and a former gay porn star. I thought wow, good for him. But it gets better toward the end, which I’ll get to in a second. But first:

Jonathan Jesensky, 33, starred in at least 10 gay porn films before joining the ranks of New York’s Bravest as a rookie firefighter on Tuesday.

Jesensky, who also served in the Marines, ditched his porn career, where he’s known by his X-rated alias, Jonathan West, before he was hired as an FDNY EMT in 2012.

They allegedly knew Jesensky did gay porn before he was hired.  When interviewed, his co-workers claim to know nothing about Jesensky’s porn days and refused to discuss it. Jesensky refused to comment and his porn web site has been taken down…after his real identity was discovered by fans.

His record is almost perfect, and he’s a former Marine. But what really seems to be the most surprising aspect to all this is that he’s not gay and he performed in those films for the money. And from the comments quoted in the article he was very good at what he did on camera. I’m not familiar with him.

You can read more here. I have no strong opinions on this one. If he can make money doing gay porn, none of my business. The only time something like this bothers me is when gay guys pretend to be straight and do gay for pay. It happens. Watch the new movie out Beside Still Waters and see what I mean.

They said this over at Gawker. 

OK, but is he at least gay? A gay firefighter is..something you don’t see everyday. Maybe every other, but surely not everyday.

I think the most important thing here is that he knew when it was time to move forward with his life and say goodbye to the past. 

Jonathan West Gay Porn Top

Warning: this part of the post is NSFW, or at least the links aren’t. I just wanted to link to a few places where FDNY’s gay for pay firefighter, Jonathan West aka Jonathan Jesensky, has a web presence as a gay porn star. At least we now know that Jesensky/West is a top.

This web site gives a more detailed description.

Here’s more about his work as a porn star.

If you do a simple search you’ll come up with tons of links to web sites that either talk about him, or his films. He seems to be good at everything he does, and I don’t mean that in any way as a slur. There’s no hidden sarcasm either. I actually admire him for being one of the few who has made it beyond porn and moved forward with his life in a different way. He seems like a genuinely nice man.

Ravenous Romance Feature

Someone told me about this link to a very nice blog post about one of my e-publishers, Ravenous Romance. I know I’m often remiss when it comes to posting about my publishers, but I’ve had all excellent experiences with Ravenous Romance and I have no complaints whatsoever. And it’s nice to see someone write a post like this, totally unsolicited, to let people know she’s just discovered a new publisher. I don’t know this blogger at all. We’ve never even met on social media, but it was nice of her to do this.

I’m excited to find and feature publishers that are new to me. I have some author friends published with this one, but I didn’t visit their site before now. Ravenous Romance specializes in affordable sexy reads. Let’s take a look at some of their latest releases, all of which are $4.99 each! They also have a special where if you buy 4 books (hey, look, 4 new books) you get a fifth one free.

You can read the rest here. The blogger gives a few examples of what Ravenous publishes, and I’m one of them, with my newest release, Too Hard To Handle, in the Glendora Hill series.

Too Hard to Handle