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Father Comes Out To Son On ABC TV’s ‘What Would You Do?; Air Force Football Player Comes Out To Team; Parents of Closeted Son Find Out He’s Gay

Father Comes Out To Son On ABC TV’s What Would You Do?

I’m not sure what bothers me about this so much, but there’s an underlying problem I can’t quite figure out. Maybe it’s because it’s not very believable to me. This all happens in a restaurant and I don’t know anyone…father or son…who has ever done anything like this in a restaurant. My brother and I actually discovered we were gay in a gay restaurant/nightclub, however, that was by sheer accident. We bumped into each other. The last thing I would have done with any family member would have been to come out in such a public setting. I’ve seen the TV people do this before and I’ve never found it authentic.

The other thing that’s not believable to me is that the son is shocked to find out his father is gay. I’ve known situations like this one, too, and I have never once heard anyone say it came as a total shock they found out their father is gay. Usually, people suspect it but they never come right out and say it. And when they finally do discover the truth they’re not in total shock.

But I could be wrong. Maybe other gay people would disagree with me.

In the latest episode of ABC’s What Would You Do?, a father comes out to his son in a busy New Jersey diner.
In the scenario, two parents sit down with their teenage son to say they’re getting a divorce. When the sons asks why, his father explains that he’s gay and has been living in the closet for the entire marriage.

Here’s the link. One guy left a comment, so far, that’s very amusing.

Air Force Football Player Comes Out To Team

Now this I find totally believable. This one doesn’t leave me wondering. I can tell this one is real and I trust it.

Bradley Kim plays football in the Air Force and he came out for remarkable reasons.

‘The biggest reason I want to share this is to be able to reach people who are in similar situations struggling with the same things I have struggled with,’ he told them.
‘I want to be there for people who don’t feel like they have anyone there for them, because I was that kid growing up in high school.’
Here’s the rest. There’s a nice photo of Kim, too. 

Parents of Closeted Son Find Out He’s Gay
I totally believe this story as well. Unlike the ABC TV What would You Do? story, this I can see happening in RL. 
Here’s what happens when your parents come home and find you having sex with two other guys, and they didn’t even know you were gay. 
The young Reddit user says he planned to see his parents that evening, but they decided to surprise him and visit him about 12 hours early.
He continues: ‘My boyfriend, roommate and I were tanning on our back patio and doing some morning drinking. Things happened and soon we’re having some fun together in the sun.

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