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"Farmin Ain’t Easy" – The Virgin Billionaire and the Evil Twin

As they say on The Beekman Boys, “Farmin ain’t easy….and neither was writing this sequel, THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE AND THE EVIL TWIN, in the Virgin Billionaire series. This time most of the story is told from the POV of the evil twin. And he has an unusual slant on things, especially when it comes to his identical twin brother’s life.

The Virgin Billionaire and the Evil Twin — Synopsis

When Luis Fortune’s identical twin brother pays him a surprise visit after being estranged for more than ten years, Luis isn’t prepared for the shock. Luis slips right back into the dangerous, competitive pattern that’s always defined their relationship and laughs at his twin brother’s bleached hair, his shabby clothes, and his new name, Gage Weston. Luis rolls his eyes when he finds out Gage has been living in Brooklyn for the last five years and working as a male stripper in The Village. In fact, Luis is so bitter he never even bothered to tell his husband, Jase, he had an identical twin brother.

And Gage is still angry about something that Luis did to him more than a decade ago that involved a man named Snake, and he isn’t shy about letting Luis know he hasn’t forgiven him. And Gage has never forgiven Luis for leaving him alone in Tennessee to take care of their aging, overly religious parents. This, Gage believes, set the course for his life, causing him to wind up a male stripper living in a low-rent studio apartment over a grocery store in Brooklyn, struggling to survive and dating a closeted New York City cop with whom Gage knows he will never be able to have a real relationship.

After a heated exchange, Gage walks out on Luis, vowing never to see him again. And then Gage experiences a series of life altering events that leave him devastated. So he comes up with a plan to get even with his spoiled twin brother and pay him back for all the heartache he’s caused in the past. A plan that involves kidnapping Luis and locking him up in a room that was once a soundproof sex chamber, so Gage can assume Luis’s identity and find out what it’s like to be married to The Virgin Billionaire and have anything he wants.

But it’s not as easy as Gage thinks it will be to take over his twin brother’s life. Along the way, Gage meets someone very special he never intended to meet and winds up falling in love for the first time. And when Gage sees how his twin brother’s life has really turned out with The Virgin Billionaire, it’s not at all as he’d expected it would be.

Does Gage really hate his identical twin brother, Luis, enough to ruin Luis’s happiness and assume his identity forever? Will Luis be able to survive being locked up all alone in a sex chamber with nothing but fattening foods, discount store clothing, and bad music? And will Gage ever be able to put the past aside and come to terms with Luis as an adult so Gage can pull his life together and focus on the man he truly loves?