Riverdale Avenue Books; Naked Selfies of a Good Christian Vlogger; Ass Naked Millionaire Pranks Pedestrians

Riverdale Avenue Books

One of things I’m going to work harder at this year is shouting out small presses, especially e-presses. It’s not easy to run any small business these days and I have a lot of respect for anyone running any small press. It’s hard work.

So here’s a link to a small press in New York that I’ve worked with, Riverdale Avenue Books. I have nothing but positive things to say and I enjoy working with them. The pace is even, the final product is something I love, and they release many different types of books in e-book or paperback.

Riverdale is an award winning, innovative hybrid publisher at the leading edge of the changes in the publishing industry.  We publish e-books, print, and audio books weekly under eight imprints: Riverdale Pop, pop culture titles; Riverdale/Magnus Books, the award-winning imprint  of LGBT titles; Riverdale Dagger, a mystery thriller imprint, Riverdale HSF, a horror, science fiction and fantasy line; Riverdale Truth, an erotic memoir line; Riverdale Desire, an erotica and erotic romance imprint, Riverdale Sports, a sports imprint and Riverdale Gaming, a gaming line. Started in 2011 by industry veteran Lori Perkins, Riverdale is a full service publisher, with a foreign rights and film agency department. Visit us at www.RiverdaleAveBooks.com.

It’s owned by…

Lori Perkins , Publisher, has worked in the publishing industry for more than 25 years as a journalist, editor, author, and literary agent. Originally a journalist who owned a newspaper in Manhattan, Perkins has been a literary agent for two decades, with 8 titles on the NewYork Times best seller list. She was awarded the Outstanding Achievement as an Author Representative from Romantic Times Magazine as well as The Agent of the Year Award from the Romance Writers of America’s NYC chapter. Perkins wrote The Insider’s Guide to Getting an Agent (Writers Digest Books), has edited twenty erotica anthologies and more than 100 erotic novels, as well as published erotica under a pseudonym. She has taught writing and editing as an adjunct professor at NYU’s Center for Publishing for two decades. She can be reached at rab@RiverdaleAveBooks.com. 

You can check it out at the link above. Lori Perkins has been dubbed the “Fairy Godmother of Writers” because she’s given so many writers a chance to get published. And it’s true. She did that for me once.

Here’s my author page at Riverdale.

You can buy books directly from them instead of using a third party. When you do that it helps small presses and authors, not to mention giving jobs to editors, cover artists, and tech people. And if gives Amazon a little competition, which they need.

Naked Selfies of a Good Christian Vlogger

I know that sounds like big time clickbait, but it’s a true story and one I thought shouldn’t be missed.

A Christian vlogger who has some kind of online web show with his wife that has a HUGE following wound up having an online affair, and this is his statement:

“It was actually nearly a year ago, someone reached out to me-sent me some pictures and stuff–a girl-and I, instead of blocking her and moving on-decided to flirt with the idea of responding and basically had an online affair for like 5 months…This went on in the beginning of May and I told Brittney, I felt terrible-I knew what I was doing was wrong. I wasn’t even looking for this-something just fell into my lap (no pun intended) and instead of ignoring it-I fell into it and it just spiraled out of control. I felt terrible, I said I have an amazing family, I have an amazing wife and I ended it with this girl-and ever since then we’ve been in counseling…”

You can read more about that here. I don’t know what to say. I didn’t even know you could have an “online affair” up until a few years ago and I’m a gay sinner according to most far right Christians.

Ass Naked Millionaire Guy Pranks Pedestrians

There’s this guy (I’m not sure what city this is) who has so much money he’s not sure what to do with  his spare time so he goes around pranking people on the street. If I were reviewing the video I would call it a show of exhibitionism and really bad taste. 

All those age-old adages like “appearances can be deceiving” and “you can’t judge a book by its cover” get a workout in a new video that features a seemingly homeless man clad only in a dirty bathrobe asking strangers on the sidewalk to loan their cellphones so he can make a quick call. Imagine their surprise when the person he calls is the fancy white-gloved chauffeur of his sleek black Rolls Royce and the homeless dude drops his robe to reveal his sexy thong-clad booty. It’s all in the spirit of human kindness.

You can read more here and there’s a video.  It is naked fun and I love naked fun, but this one sounds a little creepy to me. The article says he’s pretending to be “homeless.” If he wasn’t a millionaire and if he really was homeless and he went around flashing his big square shaped middle aged ass this way on the street I wonder how long it would take before he got arrested. Most of the comments seem to agree with me. 

Fangsters Book 2

In Kindle or Paperback

Jamie Dornan’s Bag of Grapes; Stephen Fry’s Gay Marriage; Ab Fab Movie; Bradley Cooper Shaves His Body

Jamie Dornan’s Bag of Grapes

For anyone who doesn’t know, Jamie Dornan snagged the lead in the film adaptation of mega book, Fifty Shades of Grey. He’s obviously promoting the movie, as he should in this case, with sexual innuendo. I posted a great deal about this at the time they were casting lead roles because so many fans of the book wanted Matt Bomer to play the lead…if you do a simple search here on the blog, above, you’ll see a lot more. It’s not worth linking to now. He got the part and it is what it is.

In any event, Dornan and a few other celebrities discuss how they deal with doing sex scenes in films in this article. And some of their comments and references are actually kind of funny…from their own POV…and some are kind of, well, dumb.

Dornan was funny:

Your dignity is intact as much as it’s all tucked away in a little flesh-coloured bag… As a guy you put all your essentials in a little bag and you tie it up like a little bag of grapes and it’s tucked away.

Daniel Radcliffe, as always, was stupid:

I was talked through it by the director [John Krokidas]. He would be telling me what I would be feeling in each take. Basically, gay sex, especially for the first time, is really fucking painful. And he said that he had never seen that portrayed accurately on film before. He wanted it to look like an authentic loss of virginity.

It seems that even though Radcliffe was willing to play gayface, and get paid well for doing gayface, he just never actually got the hang of commenting on gay related topics. First, gay sex (even the first time) is only painful in certain cases. Second, I guess Radcliffe assumes that straight sex for many women isn’t “fucking” painful for the first time. He might have been joking about this, but I still can’t forget what he said previously about playing a gay role.  And, Kill Your Darlings was about as interesting as watching Donald Trump’s The Apprentice.

Anna Paquin, as always, was eloquent and dignified:

Maybe it should be weird, simulating sex with your husband in front of people? But it’s really not. When it’s a love scene with someone you actually love, there’s no feeling like, ‘Can I touch him here? Can I touch him there?’ You know what your boundaries are — or what they aren’t, I suppose.

There are more here.  

Stephen Fry’s Gay Marriage

Stephen Fry recently announced his upcoming marriage to a guy named Elliot Spencer. Fry is 57 years old and Spencer is 27.

The age-gapped couple met sometime over the summer, and while they were hoping to keep the news private, they aren’t about to let a little publicity rain on their parade.

“Oh. It looks as though a certain cat is out of a certain bag. I’m very very happy of course but had hoped for a private wedding. Fat chance!,” Fry tweeted, adding, “Thank you all SO much for your kind congratulations. Deeply touched xxx.”

Although 30 years is a bit of a gap, it’s not the first time I’ve seen gay long term relationships with wide gaps. In fact, Tony and I had two very best friends who were twenty years apart. They were together for over forty years, and when the older one died in his 80’s the younger one, in his 60’s at the time, died a year after him. I could list many other personal friendships I’ve had with similar circumstances. It’s really not uncommon, and usually works out well for some reason.

You can read the rest here.  

Ab Fab Movie

There’s talk of an Ab Fab movie coming soon, and this time it comes right from the main source.

Jennifer Saunders, 56, has announced that an Ab Fab feature is most certainly happening in 2015.

Saunders, who also plays mother-of-the-century and PR diva extraordinaire Edina in the show, has finished writing a script for a movie that has apparently been in the works since the series first went off the air in 1995.

She told the Sunday People, “I’ve finished the first draft. I’m feeling euphoric. My proper New Year’s resolution is to do the film, otherwise it’ll be a pointless year of procrastination.”

20 years is a long time in the making and it makes me wonder WTF they’ve been doing all this time. Frankly, I’d be happy with a few more follow up episodes. You can read the rest here.  

Bradley Cooper Shaves His Body

This link will lead you to one of those multi-linked articles with tons of information, however, there’s a photo of Bradley Cooper practically naked. I saw it earlier today on Twitter and knew it was only a matter of time before it started making the rounds. Cooper posed nude for W Magazine and it’s an interesting photo for many reasons.

Some have been more than critical:

Why is this happening to us?? Typically-hirsute and tan Bradley Cooper, who’s currently starring in American Sniper on movie screens and The Elephant Man on Broadway, appears pale and completely smooth for a Fellini-meets-Hockney-inspired photo shoot for W magazine. Please let this be a bad dream.

I think Cooper looks pretty damn good, and for once it’s a tasteful nude photo. Although, the comments seem to prove that gay men prefer Bradley Cooper bigger and hairier. I’ll take him any way I can get him 🙂

You can see it here.