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Team Foxcatcher and Gay Back Story; Nick Jonas and North Carolina; Family Dollar and Lesbian Customer

Team Foxcatcher and Gay Back Story

In November of 2014 I posted a lot about a film titled, Foxcatcher. You can read that all here. In fact, until right now, I’d forgotten about how strongly I disliked this film. I’m not getting into all that now, but I do want to mention a new Netflix documentary titled, Team Foxcatcher, that’s streaming this Friday night and I’m curious to see how they handle the gay back story…or not. And I’m not the only one who felt strongly about this movie and the way it was handled.

The film never looks properly at rumours of John du Pont being gay. It does imply that Mark and John may have had a homosexual relationship, but that’s so ridiculous that it’s almost laughable.

The film is very misleading in this portrayal. Mark was not gay and barely had any sort of relationship with du Pont. However, Dave Metlzer does write in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that “The belief is that there was a homosexual relationship with Du Pont and a wrestler, but not Mark.”

The film therefore covers up what could have been an interesting narrative with a wholly unbelievable story about Mark Schultz.

In any event, I’m not getting into this one any deeper than the information I’m presenting right now. However, I am curious to see how this Netflix documentary handles the back story.

Team Foxcatcher, streaming Friday, uses interviews, news clips and home video to look at the years leading up to Schultz’s death, and how du Pont spiraled from a well-meaning benefactor to a convicted murderer. But unlike the 2014 Oscar-nominated drama, which starred Steve Carell, Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum, Dave’s brother and fellow wrestling champion, Mark Schultz, doesn’t appear.

You can read the rest of that here, and there’s another in-depth account of how the original movie, Foxcatcher, mixed fact with fiction.

The main reason I’m so curious about this story is that I live in New Hope, Bucks County, PA, and that’s not far from where all this took place back in the 90s. I remember following it in local news at the time it was happening.

Nick Jonas and North Carolina

While Steve Grand followed through with his recent commitment to the Gay Men’s Chorus in North Carolina, which I thought was wonderful for him to do…Nick Jonas is at it again. And this time Jonas showing off his proverbial “guns” in what appears to be an effort to boycott a new law that allegedly discriminates against gays in North Carolina…I don’t know much about the law so I can’t comment on that.

It should come as little surprise that Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato aren’t down with North Carolina’s ugly HB2 law, and now the two singers have become the latest in a string of artists to cancel appearances in the state.

You can read the rest here

You can check out the Steve Grand Tweet here. I hope it works. I’m never sure how to link to Twitter. 

Family Dollar and Lesbian Customer

I’ve seen this story about how a lesbian customer was allegedly discriminated against at a Family Dollar chain store, and frankly it surprised me. About a month ago I was out of town and I saw a Family Dollar store and I stopped in to get a few batteries I needed. I normally never go to Family Dollar because we don’t have them around here. And the male cashier who worked at the Family Dollar store where I stopped was not only gay, he was hot and very, very flirty. So flirty he made me smile.

In any event, here’s what’s happening with the lesbian story.

Yesterday, we reported that a woman named Melissa Langford, 34, alleges she was subject to a load of homophobic comments and denied service by a foul-mouthed Family Dollar cashier; a confrontation that was caught on video.

Family Dollar now says it’s investigating the incident.

You can read more here. I can’t comment on this alleged incident, however, I can tell you that I got really great batteries at the Family Dollar I went to, and I could have gotten date out of it, too, and maybe a little more, from the hot young cashier that took care of me.

But I digress, again.


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