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Fall Into Romance Contest Winner

Fall Into Romance Contest Winner

Last weekend I was part of a blog tour called Fall Into Romance and I offered a free give-away.

I decided to offer two free e-books from the Bad Boy Billionaire series. These are the most recent I have out, and I’m hoping the winner hasn’t read them yet. The winner can choose between any two of them. Here’s an Amazon link where they are listed. If the winner has read them all, we’ll come up with something else. And, this contest (for me) is open to everyone all over the globe, not just US residents. The contest begins at midnight tonight, so please refrain from commenting until then to keep it fair for everyone.

In order to win the two free e-books I’m offering, just comment here on this blog post and I’ll choose the winner at random like I’ve done in the past. I might be posting other things this weekend, but this post will be up forever. And please make sure to leave an e-mail address or let me know how I can contact you within the body of the comment. You can comment anonymously, too, and just leave the e-mail address. The winner will be contacted by me no later than November 7th.

This afternoon I chose one of the comments at random and the winner was someone named “Shadow.” (I write the names down on pieces of paper and Tony picks the winner.) I’ll be in touch by this weekend and the winner can choose any two e-books from the Bad Boy Billionaire series.

I’m also offering a consolation prize to everyone who left a comment. I usually do this with all contests…partly because I hate loosing and I know how it feels 🙂 I’ll contact everyone by the end of this weekend.