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Unprecedented Full Frontal Male Nudity-Dudity; The Overnight Preferred Terms for Penis; Days Of Love Beverly Hills Book Award; Six Inventions That Changed Your Sex

Unprecedented Full Frontal Male Nudity-Dudity

For a change, this article talks about turning things around, so to speak. Instead of more female nudity in a film the focus is on more male full frontal nudity. The movie is called The Overnight, and they weren’t shy about what they were going for. I think the creator of Orange is the New Black did this one.

When planning The Overnight with executive producer Mark Duplass, Brice remembered wondering aloud, “What if we made a movie that had more male nudity than female nudity? Why don’t we subvert that convention when it comes to these kinds of movies?”

And subvert they did. There is one scene in The Overnight in which one of the female characters is topless, but it is later overshadowed completely by the movie’s extensive full-frontal dudity (a term for on-screen male nudity coined by my former colleague Chris Lee). 

You can read more here. I don’t have links to photos yet. But I’m sure we’ll be seeing them soon. They even came up with the word “dudity” to make us laugh, I guess. But I hope that doesn’t catch on.

And most of all, the film actually looks and sounds good aside from the nudity and cheesy PR.

The Overnight Preferred Terms for Penis

Jason Schwartzman and Adam Scott who are in The Overnight, have preferred terms for penis. It sounds as if The Overnight goes much deeper than its nudity and they wanted to come up with tasteful ways to refer to the penis. Because the word “penis” just isn’t good enough.

In any event, here you go.

“I really think ‘unit’ is funny, or joint,” Scott told HitFix during our sit-down interview for “The Overnight.”

The most comedic term for penis “depends” for Schwarzman. “I like ‘unit,’ or ‘manhood.’ I used to really like ‘Johnson,’ though I feel like it’s overused.”

The particulars of the script and the circumstances in “The Overnight” called for the actors to don prosthetic penises for their nude scenes. And, one other fun fact, the prosthetics needed to be “wrung out” after shooting a swimming pool scene.

Though, really, while those were funny scenes, “I really love what the characters are going through… and Jason’s character’s really helps [my character] come out of his shell. It’s super sincere and he really helps Alex, my character, come out and feel good about himself. He never expected to feel this way about himself and his body,” Scott said. “This guy was really generous with him.”

Aside from the fact that I still prefer to call a dick a dick, and the dicks in this movie aren’t real dicks, it looks like a great movie and you can read more about it here. 

Days of Love Beverly Hills Book Award

Most of you know about the book Elisa Rolle created this year titled, Days of Love. A lot of hard work went into this book and it was nice to hear that it just won The Beverly Hills Book Award.

This is from my inbox:

Dear Elisa, It is our great pleasure to inform you that you are a Winner in the LGBT Non-Fiction Category of the 3rd Annual Beverly Hills International Book Awards. Your book, Days of Love: Celebrating LGBT History One Story at a Time, truly embodies the excellence that this award was created to celebrate, and we salute you and your fine work. The entire team at the Beverly Hills Book Awards sincerely hope your participation in our contest will serve you well in creating the success your book deserves. You have our warmest congratulations. Warmly, ELLEN REID, President & CEO Beverly Hills Book Awards

I know there’s a great deal of significance right now…for a book like this. But I also think that down the road, from a cultural and historic POV, this book will be important for the future, too. We’re only beginning to see books about LGBT culture, especially those that don’t always focus on the negatives. Even though it is and always will be a niche market, it’s still a viable market.

You can check out Days of Love here on Amazon, too. There’s a section of the book devoted to my husband, Tony, and me, along with many other LGBT couples you will either know or get to know.

Six Inventions that Changed Your Sex

Here’s a video that shows how six inventions changed the way we have sex.

 We take it for granted that our sexual menus contain as many items as the Cheesecake Factory’s. Just don’t get any ideas with those mozzarella sticks — not pretty.

But sex has evolved along with the rest of human civilization in some wonderful ways. And some less-than-wonderful ways — did we really need ‘sexting’?

Aside from that dumb quote/commentary I just excerpted, the video is actually interesting and very well made.

You can check it out here

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