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Thanks to Ryan from A Guy In Love

For those who read my blog, you’ve heard me mention a blogging buddy I’ve had for a long time. Here’s a link to his blog, and his name is Ryan. I think it’s like six or seven years now I’ve been following him. But it could be longer. The time flies so fast I lose track.

Well. I just wanted to send a shout to Ryan, and tell him I love this new group he started on facebook. It’s a private group celebrating the nude male body. Oh yeah, male nudity. That’s right, male nudity. The emotional folks over at a few romance web sites wouldn’t know what to make of it and they’d probably drop their half-glasses and the tight little buns at the back of their heads would explode. They might even shudder and cross their legs.

But this is the kind of group that’s fun and entertaining. And with so much boring, cute crap out there sometimes on publishing blogs…not to mention all the serious depressing crap…it’s nice to see something that’s fun for a change. I just hope facebook doesn’t decide to censor it. They’ve been known to do that, you know. Facebook isn’t a democracy. Because if it does, I might have to talk to Ryan about starting our own little fun web site/social network like this and facebook can go to hell.