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Facebook Kiss-In; Whoopi Goldberg on Gay Rumors; TV Host on Michael Sam Kiss

Facebook Kiss-In

Inspired by the kiss Michael Sam shared with his partner recently, this guy over at Huff Po wants to start The Great Facebook Kiss-In and he’s urging everyone who supports the Michael Sam kiss to post a photo of two guys, or two women, kissing as their profile photo.

Just change your profile pic to a kissing same-sex couple, and urge others to do the same. And for that matter let’s do it on Twitter too (and tweet this post with the hashtag #kissin). One day in the future we will look back on all this ridiculousness and laugh. But that’s only going to happen if we do exactly this kind of thing a lot. So change those profile photos now.

I think he’s suggesting this because of all the comments about the Michael Sam kiss, and how many are not used to seeing two people of the same sex kiss. He even provides free use photo link and says there are many places you can go. I wish I knew where, because I’ve been looking for solid free use photos of all kinds for a long time…other than wiki commons.

In any event, you can read more here.

Whoopi Goldberg on Gay Rumors

Evidently, there have been rumors/questions about whether or not Whoopi Goldberg is a lesbian. I didn’t know that. But I’m not up on Whoopi’s life or anything she’s done recently.

You’ve never seen me with a woman,” Goldberg, who played lesbian characters in “Boys on the Side” and “The Color Purple,” says. “Nah, I’m straight, but what does it mean? What does it really mean?”
Not that she’s bothered by the rumors, of course. “There are a lot worse things people could have accused me of — things that would really be upsetting! That’s not one of them,” she adds. “It never has been. I grew up in the theater. I grew up in a neighborhood where there was always gay folks.”

Of course.

You can read more here.

I’d just like to state, for the record, I’m not straight. You’ve never seen me with a woman. Not that I would be bothered by those rumors, of course. There are a lot of worse things people could have accused me of…things that would really be upsetting. Being called straight is not one of them. Nope. I don’t mind it. I grew up in straight neighborhood. Yup. I really did.

TV Host on Michael Sam Kiss

This Michael Sam kiss really got one TV host all worked up recently. She stormed off the set.

A Dallas TV host walked off the set of her show Tuesday after an argument erupted over her disapproval of Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend on television.

A discussion on KTXD TV’s “The Broadcast” about ESPN’s decision to broadcast Michael Sam’s emotional kiss escalated into a full-blown fight between co-hosts and ended with host Amy Kushnir storming off the set, declaring, “I’m done.”

I guess it hit a nerve. She seems to think two men kissing in such an innocent way is going to hurt kids.

You can read more here, and watch her actually take a fit and storm off in a huff.