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Facebook for Android; Blog Hop for Authors; FREE E.L James Bio Event on Goodreads

For those who have android tablets and have trouble with facebook, you might be interested in this. For a long time I went to facebook with one of my android tablets and constantly had issues with it. The page would jump around, I couldn’t click “like” on anything, and leaving comments was almost impossible on some nights. It was impossible to read private messages, and most recently I found my news feed would stop after two or three updates and it wouldn’t continue.

More often than not these days the only time I have to keep up with facebook is later at night when I’m not in the office and I’m using a tablet or iPhone. And even though I love the way iPhone works with facebook, I’d rather use an android tablet because it’s bigger. I’m sure facebook works well with the iPad, but I’m not about to shell out that many hundreds of dollars to Apple to buy an iPad just for facebook. I’m still considering the mini-iPad, but for a multitude of reasons: not just facebook.

So I ultimately solved my issue with android and facebook by finding It’s one of my best finds this year. Not only can I use facebook now with, but it’s even better than with the iPhone. As with most things technical, sometimes you really do have to look around and figure out issues on your own (there’s almost always a solution). These are not things most people are going to tell you. So if you do have an android and you are experiencing some  of the issues I talked about above, check out and see if it works for you. All you have to do is just put into your android browser and you’ll see what I mean. I even tried it with my PC and it works well, too.

On to author events.

This is usually a busy time of year for authors promoting and marketing books and blogs. I always enjoy them and I like the events. And all of the authors I’m linking to below usually keep it really simple, they do their promoting in good taste, and never spam or torture people with things they don’t want to deal with. So I have no problem linking to them or mentioning what they are doing.

The first thing I’d like to mention is a blog hop that author Jon Michaelsen is doing. You can read more about it here, in a recent blog post he published. From what I gather, all authors in all genres can be part of this, but I think there will be a lot of m/m authors and gay fiction writers as well. It’s a series of questions that are designed to help readers get to know authors better. It’s short and sweet, too. My favorite kind of online event.

Many, many writers are participating. I have tagged, Ryan Field, Kase J Reed Blog – Under Dragon’s Wing and David Sullivan at Jon Michaelsen. Just clink on their hyperlink and see what they are currently writing next Wednesday, January 2, 2013!

I’ll be doing this one, and I think mine will be up here, on this blog, on Jan. 2.

Second, if you have read the Poe inspired Gothic horror, “Finding Poe,” by author Lisa Lane and you liked it, here’s a link where you can go vote for it at

From my inbox:

There’s no registration required. All you have to do is click on the link, check the box beside “Finding Poe,” fill out the info below (for verification purposes) and click on the verification link in your e-mail (which P&E will send you to just to ensure you’re not a spammer).

So, if you have read “Finding Poe,” here’s your chance to show the author you enjoyed it. I didn’t read this one yet, so I’m not able to vote this time. But I can tell you that I have been a fan of Lisa’s for a long time, I respect her as an author and I think she’s brilliant, and I will make this part of my TBR list for 2013.

Third, there’s a FREE goodreads give-away event I thought was interesting, too. There’s new bio out about author E.L. James by an author named Marc Shapiro and they are giving away two free copies between December 25 and Jan. 15.

You can get there from here to enter. I’ve read this one, but didn’t leave a review for lack of time. But I did rate it and I did like it. I will eventually get to the review when I have more time and I’ll go into more detail about it.