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STARbooks Press…

Even though STARbooks Press is one of the oldest LGBT publishers out there, I’m always amazed that so many people in the LGBT Community don’t know them. Their books have always maintained a high standard of quality, they know what the community wants to read, and they publish an assortment of titles each year.

I’m partial because I’ve been in many of their books. I’m not going to list all the books I’ve been in, but this fall I’ll be in two more of their anthologies, and one is a Christmas book.

So if you’ve never heard of them, but my post has piqued your curiosity, check out their web site and their list of books. And if you’re on facebook, go over to their fan page and join up here. I think it’s high time we started to appreciate the few gay publishers we have if we want to see them stick around.

And if you’re a writer, they are always posting a submission call for one thing or another on their web site.