Category: Facebook Censors and Bans More Gay Content; Court Rules Against Oregon Bakers: Gay Wedding Cake; Gay Magazine Mailed Without Second Cover

Facebook Censors and Bans More Gay Content; Court Rules Against Oregon Bakers: Gay Wedding Cake; Gay Magazine Mailed Without Second Cover

Facebook Censors And Bans More Gay Content

Most people don’t realize that Facebook has a long history of doing things like this. You have to understand that there’s nothing democratic about Facebook…or any social media for that matter. They all censor and they all pick and choose the content they want to show. Social media is not about free speech, it’s more about free enterprise. And once you learn that you’ll never have a problem with social media again…or, you’ll have fewer problems. You can never be totally sure. 
Earlier this month, 32-year-old Fan wrote an essay for Vice China about his experience participating in a adult film shoot back in 2013. Much to his surprise, the article actually made it through China’s heavily monitored, uber-strict media censors. Then, much to his shock, the article was quickly yanked down by Facebook.

Court Rules Against Oregon Bakers: Gay Wedding Cake

This isn’t about how you feel, or your emotions, or even what you believe. This ruling sets a standard for future cases like this that could involve anyone. Who knows? Maybe one day a lesbian baker will refuse to bake a cake for a devout Christian. Although I’ve never seen that kind of hate happen, it’s still a possibility. If  a lesbian discriminates against a Christian, I’ll be the first to support the Christian. 
For me it’s about discrimination, plain and simple.For me, this isn’t about religion or sexuality or free speech. This is about people in business offering services to the public and not discriminating against anyone. No one should walk into any business anywhere and suffer any kind of discrimination. 
I believe in the process, and the court ruled this way on purpose…
The Oregon Court of Appeals on Thursday upheld a $135,000 fine against two Christian bakers who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.
The case began back in January 2013, when Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of the since-closed Sweet Cakes by Melissa bakery just outside Portland, Oregon, cited their religious beliefs when declining to make a wedding cake for Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer.

Gay Magazine Mailed Without Second Cover
This is also why I’m happy with the court ruling above. Not too long ago gay magazines were sent out with second covers that hid the gay content. 
“For many years, our readers wanted privacy,” explained Phelps. “Sure, cost came into it, but we polled our readers in April, and asked the question [about removing the second cover]. A majority of readers said absolutely – it’s a waste of plastic.
“People just aren’t as concerned about their privacy in terms of their sexual orientation as they once were,” Phelps continued. “They actually would prefer it that way.”
You can check that out here. It’s an older piece, but I wanted to post about it to show the many ways gay people have had to deal with discrimination and how they’ve had to protect their privacy. No one is more guarded than a gay person. Yes, even today. 
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