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Facebook Banned Naked Rugby Players; I Stand With Andy Cohen; Dustin Lance Black Baby Photo Controversy

Facebook Banned Naked Rugby Players

Every year The Naked Rugby Players pose for a calendar and all the proceeds go to charity. Apparently, Facebook, in all its infinite wisdom, decided to censor them. And as usual, there’s a twist.

More groan-inducing news from Facebook: new reports suggest the social media megacorp banned a charity calendar for violating its prohibitions against sexual activity. The catch? The calendar actually didn’t violate said standards.

Here’s the rest of the story in more detail. 

I Stand With Andy Cohen

Yesterday I posted something about Andy Cohen becoming a dad at his advanced age, and I thought it was wonderful. However, a lot of trolls don’t agree and they went after Cohen on Twitter.

Most people have been over the moon for the 50-year-old dad-to-be, tweeting out mazel tovs, well wishes, and congratulations.
But not everyone wants to share in Andy’s joy.
Here’s a link. They give examples of some of the negative tweets. Once again, the Internet can be a very negative place.  
Dustin Lance Back’s Baby Photo Controversy 
I didn’t know how to headline this part of the post, so I tried to keep it completely objective. 
Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley posted a family photo, with their baby, on Instagram and a British tabloid accused them of using the baby to sell a product. 
The Mirror itself did report that ‘the adorable picture drew criticism from followers as it was clearly marked as being in “Paid partnership with pampersuk_ire’.
Here’s the link to this one. Apparently, people seem to be divided about this one. I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s nice photo. I don’t care if it’s sponsored. I like the fact that a gay family is being portrayed this way and I applaud them. 

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