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Ex-Gay Therapist vs Harvard Gay Student; Rent Boys Talk Truth; Jonathan Groff On The Comeback

Ex-Gay Therapist vs Harvard Gay Student

There are a few points in this article I thought were interesting. The first one is that I can’t wait until the day comes for gay people when telling their parents is NOT this huge grand affair that creates the kind of drama that makes a woman want to drive her car off the road. I know there are arguments to this, but my point is that there should NOT be arguments for this.

In short, Scott Blair took his LSAT s and checked the gay box on a Harvard application. When Harvard called to say they wanted him, they told his mom he was gay, without knowing they were outing him. His mom confronted him, he admitted he was gay, and that’s when she lost it.

“I almost want to drive this car into a tree,” said Scott’s mother. “Can you let me out of the car first and then you can go ahead?” he answered like a true lawyer-to-be.

And it only gets worse. His parents joined some kind of weird ex-gay group in New Jersey and they asked Scott to meet with an ex-gay therapist. This meeting happened when Scott was already in his second year of Harvard Law School.

But it does get better from this point, thanks to Scott. His training as an attorney left him well-prepared to deal with the creepy ex-gay therapist.

First, the counselor started with the “there is no gay gene” schtick. “Every study that’s reported to find a gay gene has been authored by gays,” he continued.

Scott’s response: “I have no idea what studies you’re talking about, but sexuality is very complex. Everything that humans do is very complex. All a gene does is control the expression of a protein. I would be extremely shocked if one gene could control anything like that.”

The counselor looked at Scott with confused bewilderment, never having received such an answer. His next move was to pry into Scott’s upbringing –specifically his parents’ divorce. He told Scott that many people who are angry at their mothers following a divorce are “turned off” to women.

“So if I was angry at my mother, that would make me gay, but you also asked me how I felt about my father. My guess is what you’re going to say is that if I was angry at my father, that would make me want to seek the company of other men.”

You can read the rest of the question and answer with Scott and the counselor, here. Scott mops the
proverbial floors with him, and he does it with a smile.

This also why I always warn people never to get into an argument online with an attorney, not even if you’re totally right and know all the odds are stacked in your favor. You won’t win.

Rent Boys Talk Truth

They titled this with the term “Sex Worker,” and while I see nothing wrong with that I prefer the more common usages: rent boy or prostitutes.  Although not so PC, most people know what a rent boy or a prostitute is.

I really dislike articles/promos like this in gay publications. This is another one of those articles that allegedly states rent boys are telling us all the truth about what it’s like to be a rent boy. I never bought into that kind of rubbish, and I never will. When you think about what a rent boy does for a living, and who he has to do it with, and then you read between the lines, it’s hard to imagine how these guys get through a day. So I don’t believe it’s the truth. And I’m not knocking rent boys, nor am I judging them. I know why they do it. I’m just wondering how they can do it.

In any event, this is rich wtf-ery…it could have been titled Fire Is Hot:

Prostitution is a young person’s game.

Most male sex workers skew younger, usually between 20 to 30 years old. They tend to describe themselves as “fit” and “good-looking.” A large number of them call themselves “Jake,” and more often than not have brown hair and brown eyes.

“To succeed, these young men need to be skilled negotiators, small business operators, engaging conversationalists and fit, active and appealing,” Scott says.

Most clients are older, married men.

Clients tend to be predominantly middle-aged, married men who identify as “straight.”

“I discovered a side of my personality that I didn’t know existed,” one male client revealed in an interview. “And I discovered that I love to be sexually dominated by another man. For a long time, I was in relationships with women and had what I would call ‘traditional sex’, but somehow with time this stopped working for me.”

Go ahead, read between the lines of those statements above and see what you come up with. It sounds to me like good looking young men selling their bodies to older married fat-assed cheaters who never came out of the closet. I find that hard to praise. It’s sad, but not praiseworthy. I also find it hard to knock because I’m a realist and I know people need these things, too. Aside from everything else, one thing is for sure. If these young rent boys had money of their own I doubt they’d be doing older men to make a living.

The rest is here. This “article” is really nothing more than a book promotion by someone who found yet another way to exploit younger gay men with the kind of clickbait that’s hard to resist. You’ll find as much truth there as you will interviewing any politician in Washington. As I said, I’m not knocking the rent boys, I’m just knocking the people who are always there to exploit them.

Jonathan Groff On  The Comback

I think everyone knows Jonathan Groff is starring in “Looking” and that “The Comeback” is another HBO show starring Lisa Kudrow. TC was recently brought back to TV after a looooong hiatus and Goff is a fan of the show. I’m actually a huge TC fan, too. It think Valerie Cherish, the main character on TC, is one of the most interesting women characters on TV. It’s the way she thinks, and the way she reacts. It’s perfect.

In any event, here’s what Groff said:

I’m a huge huge Comeback fan. I literally watch it so much that throughout the course of shooting this season they’ve had to tell me to stop saying my lines like Valerie Cherish. Like, ‘You’re line’s sounding a little Valerie Cherish can you just take it down a notch,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh, right. Sorry sorry sorry.’ Sometimes we’ll actually rehearse our lines as Valerie Cherish while we’re rehearsing a scene. We are all obsessed with the show.”

Of course this could all be just a huge promo…one HBO star promoting another…but I have nothing to gain by telling you how much I love “The Comeback.” It really is a great show. There’s a nice photo of Groff here. showing some arm pit action.  

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