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"Palcohol"; Oprah’s Stepmom’s Ridiculous Rant


I’d heard about Palcohol earlier this week and when I saw this article to which I’m linking below I thought I’d post something about it because so many still don’t know what Palcohol is. In short, it’s a powdered version of alcohol, or alcohol in tablet form. (You can read more about it below at the Palcohol web site.) It’s been a subject of controversy with regard to approval labels. And the reasons why there’s controversy might surprise you…or might not.

But the TTB’s primary concern in regulating the sale of alcohol is not public safety. Rather, it is the collection of excise taxes. Therefore, any alcohol in excess of amount stated on the label is lost tax revenue.

“The Bureau is obsessive about collecting every tax dollar due to them, including spillage, leakage…strictly from a financial standpoint,” says J. Peter Clark, a food engineering expert and who has consulted for companies dealing with the TTB.

So the rash of news about Palcohol having passed TTB muster, and the subsequent revocation of that approval has exactly nothing to do with the powdered alcohol being declared safe. It was only deemed taxable. Essentially TTB approval means that the agency has side “sure, we’ll tax this, and here’s how.”

You can read more here.

Side note: Palcohol is so new I couldn’t even find a definition on Urban Dictionary.

But here’s a link to the Palcohol website with all the details you’ll want to know, including how they claim it’s been misrepresented by the media.

After seeing countless stories on Palcohol, it’s amazing how many news outlets have so many facts wrong about Palcohol. “News” organizations seem to copy what another organization reports. The first stories about Palcohol didn’t get the facts right…and then almost all succeeding stories, “copied” from the first ones got the facts wrong also. Some mistakes were:  That we were surprised that we didn’t know Palcohol was approved and quickly changed the wording on our website (we knew it was approved) or that a package has 65% alcohol by volume (it has 10-12%) and many more mistakes. And most organizations are quoting things out of context just to make the story sound more sensational.

Oprah’s Stepmom’s Ridiculous Rant

I have to disclose that I’ve never been part of the Oprah fandom crowd. I like her. I think she’s worked hard for what she has. But I’ve never been one to read about her personal life…or care about it. However, this article is interesting because some of the allegations are so ridiculous even if you don’t know much about Oprah you will find yourself wondering what kind of a person this ex-wife of Oprah’s father is.

Let me set this up so it’s clear, at least from what I can put together from this article. Oprah’s father was married to this woman for about fourteen years and he recently divorced her. The woman and Oprah’s father, from what I gather, were living in a million dollar plus home that Oprah bought and owned. In other words, Oprah worked to pay for that home, not the father or the father’s wife…who is nothing to Oprah other than a woman her father married and then divorced. And now the woman is talking openly about how Oprah asked her to vacate the house when the father decided to divorce her. 

Barbara Winfrey can pinpoint exactly when her divorce turned more ugly than she had ever thought possible. 

It was Friday 2 November 2012, her sixty-fourth birthday, and the day she received the telephone call that turned the implosion of her marriage into an 18-month legal battle with one of the most powerful celebrities on the planet – her stepdaughter, Oprah Winfrey.

Barbara listened as Oprah delivered her thunderous ultimatum: ‘You say I never talk to you?
I want to talk to you now. You have until Monday to get out of MY house.’

Earlier this month Barbara was finally served with an eviction notice. She has until 29 May to vacate the $1.4million house just south of Nashville that was home throughout her 14-year union to Oprah’s father, Vernon Winfrey.

Frankly, I think Oprah was being kind. And as far as I know there is no law anywhere that states you have to like the woman your father married and divorced or that you are obligated legally or morally to allow her to live in a home you own after your father divorces her. So the tone of this article really interests me. Should we feel bad for the ex-wife? Should Oprah be required to give her a home post divorce…or even keep an established relationship with her?

You can read more of the rant here. By the time I finished the article I found myself wishing Oprah had kicked her out sooner and told her to go buy her own home.