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Winners of the Equal Rights Blog Hop

Before I post anything else today, I wanted to post the winners of the Equal Rights Blog Hop. You can read more about that here, and here.

18 people left comments, and I chose the winners at random by pulling their names out of a hat.

First Prize – Wulf

Second Prize – Starry Diadem

I will e-mail the winner of the first prize because I have to send that snail mail.

And the second prize, an e-book of my upcoming release The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance, will be e-mailed to the winner as soon as the book is released. I’m shooting for an August 1 release date, so you’ll be hearing from me on or around that date.

I’d like to thank everyone else for commenting, and as a bonus, which I usually do for blog hops, I’m going to send the rest of the people who commented an e-book. I’ll choose something and send it later this evening. It will be one of the e-books I’m re-releasing this summer with Ryan Field Press.

Premiere Party at

There’s an interesting event happening over at right now, with a Premiere Party, where the focus is on “Reading is Sexy.” If you have a webcam it’s the perfect opportunity to connect with other readers and authors.

From my inbox:

Join us for a Video Premiere sure to convince you: Reading Is Sexy

ARe is hosting a party to celebrate the launch of a very special video and you’re invited!

Join us for the debut of, Reading is Sexy tonight, January 31st. The party will take place at at 8pm US Eastern and last approximately one hour.

Attendees will get to meet, greet and interact with authors and other readers as well as have a chance to win the many prizes we’ll be handing out during the event.
It’s happening right now as I said. Believe it or not I don’t actually have a webcam set up to do this, but this is one of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2013 and I will have one soon. Actually, this event will force me to get one because it looks like it could be fun.

We want to show the world what romance readers have always known — Reading Is Sexy.

The Event Is Moving Forward…

The event I posted about earlier this week is, in fact, moving forward.

I’ll post more in the next few days, with details about how readers can participate and have a chance to win not only a great prize, but also a free e-book.

Glad this is moving forward. I’ve started a new book and I’m still getting into the characters myself. The book I submitted to the publisher last week, tentatively titled, Gone With a Wink, was something I really felt close to. And I’m not even sure why. But I’m having empty book-nest syndrome for the first time in twenty years.