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Donald Trump on "Pharma Bro"; Sexy Guys On American Horror Story: Glendora Hill Series by Ryan Field

Donald Trump on “Pharma Bro”

This is about that hedge fund guy with the name I don’t feel like spelling who purchased the patent to a drug used for AIDS related issues and he raised the price more than 5,000 per cent. Evidently, Donald Trump wasn’t too thrilled with this guy’s not so clever business move either.

Trump criticized the 32-year-old ex-hedge-funder-turned-pharmaceutical-price-gouger in the only way he knows how: By attacking his looks.

“You want to know the truth?” Trump said during a press conference this week. “He looks like a spoiled brat.”

Then he added that “hedge fund guys” like Shkreli will be the only people who see their taxes raised if he is elected president in 2016.

You can read the rest here. The comments, as expected, really go after Trump even though Trump seems to agree with everyone else about this guy. 

Sexy Guys On American Horror Story

Even though I had trouble getting through the first fifteen minutes of “Scream,” I’m looking forward to the next American Horror Story season. The whole young mean girly thing in “Scream” really turned me off. According to this article there will be hot sexy men in American Horror Story. Thankfully, because if they were to open the season the same way “Scream”opened I’d be disappointed.

Hotels are sexy — on the Strip, Grand, or by the hour — so this 13-part tale set in a 1930s L.A. art-deco brick pile called the Cortez is already turning us on. Add Matt Bomer and we’re calling down for a late check-out because he definitely likes to cuddle.

The Cortez begins life in 1930, built by psychotic and brunette Evan Peters to accommodate his mass-murdering habit; in the present day, Lady Gaga freshens the place up with some Arne Jacobsen egg chairs and a menu of ancient blood virus. 
Evan Peters is back…I think he’s adorable every season in every single thing he does. 

Glendora Hill Series by Ryan Field 

Here’s an amazon link to all the books in the Glendora Hill series. They can also be purchased at other places like Smashwords and…even iTunes. 

And even though each book is a stand alone and you don’t have to read them in order, here’s the order in which they were written.

1. The Sheriff and the Cowboy

2. Cowboy Christmas Miracle

3. The Preacher’s Husband

4. Too Hard to Handle

5. When a Man Loves a Man

I will release another book in the series before this year is over, or at the very least very soon into 2016.
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