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Kindle Lending Library Now in France, UK, and Germany

The following is from an e-mail I received from Amazon. From my experience, I would recommend participating in the lending library for at least the first 90 days the book is released. I’ve found it helpful with the four .99 e-books I’ve self-pubbed on Amazon, and it offers readers a chance too not only see what you’ve done but it also gives them a break. The odds are if you are publishing for the first time you are not going to sell thousands of copies the minute the book is released. That takes time, hard work, and a great deal of patience.

The only problem I find with the lending library is that once you sign up you can’t distribute the books anywhere else for 90 days. Being that I like having my books distributed in as many places as I can get them to the public, I’ve only done it for 90 days and opted out after that. But not with all books. I’m keeping “Jonah Sweet of Delancey Street” in the lending library and offering a free promotion for everyone very soon. I’ll post more about that when I do it.

Reach even more readers and earn more money!

We are excited to announce that the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library is now available in the UK, Germany and France and that the KDP Select fund has been increased to $700,000 for October.

Did you know that books enrolled in KDP Select in August earned 77% more royalties from paid sales than the three months before they were in the KDP Select program? Enroll your additional titles today and increase the discoverability of your books and your earning potential. Visit your Bookshelf and select the books you would like to enroll.

To find out more about KDP Select click here and for The Kindle Owners’ Lending Library click here (for the US) and here (for the UK).

Thank you for choosing KDP to publish your work and for enrolling in KDP Select.

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