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Tanning Mom Does Gay Porn; Naughty Art History; Miley Cyrus in Lingerie

Tanning Mom Does Gay Porn

Patricia Krentcil, better known as “The Tanning Mom” because she took her daughter into a tanning bed booth and gained national attention as a kind of sort of pop culture personality, now has a cameo in a gay adult entertainment movie, Kings of New York 2. She also gained attention because of the bizarre way she looked from too much indoor tanning. I have a comment about the tanning industry below.

According to the director of the film, Marc MacNamara, Tanning Mom allegedly showed up on the set a few sheets to the wind, too.

“We expected Patricia to need a bit of hand-holding, but when she showed up we quickly found out we had to hold more than her hand to prop her seemingly inebriated body up… She seemed to having a great time, but it was definitely a challenging day. In the end she delivered Tan Mom in all her glory and that’s what people are infatuated with.”

In full disclosure, Tony and I used to own tanning salons back in the 1990’s. At the time, it seemed like a fun business and we didn’t have all the information out that we have now about skin cancer. In fact, at the time tanning beds were being promoted as safer than the real sun because it’s a controlled environment. You can only base your decisions on the information given to you at the time.

But the first year in business I grew extremely disillusioned with the way the tanning industry was run, and the way many tanning clients (customers) develop an addiction to the tanning beds. Also at the time, tanning during prom time was a huge event for girls and boys in high school. The prom crowd would descend upon us in droves from April 1 until the end of June. Back then in New Jersey, it was legal but Tony and I always insisted upon a parent or guardian signature, and we insisted on meeting the parents the first time the kid came in. And even though it was legal for minors to come in, we set our own strict rules and guidelines about how often the prom kids could come in and use the tanning beds. In other words, it was not unrestricted with us.

We also had several adult clients who were just as addicted as the Tanning Mom and they would come into the salon and tan daily every single day of the year…no matter how much I told them it was a bad idea and that they didn’t really need to do it that often. I soon discovered indoor tanning truly is an addiction for some and these people can’t help themselves any more than other addicts. This is what ultimately led us to sell the business in less than five years. I found the lack of government (and state) restrictions at the time irresponsible and I didn’t want to be part of an industry that promoted anything like that. The money the business generated was good, but I just couldn’t continue dealing with the addictive personalities and all the health risks that kept coming out in reports.

Naughty Art History

There’s a new book out, Erotica Universalis, that covers erotic art history dating as far back as ancient Egypt.

Erotica Universalis” has been published in more than a few iterations, but the newest version of the series was published this month. Coupled with erotic writings from the likes of Ovid and Voltaire, the familiar and obscure imagery highlights just how indecent artists have been willing to get. Think of the puritanical backlash Picasso faced when he painted “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon.” Now, imagine the mouths agape when Courbet debuted “L’Origine du Monde.”

You can read more here. Erotic art like erotic romance has always been around, and some of the photos in the article are fascinating. I used to represent many contemporary erotic artists in my gallery in New Hope, and clients would ask to be on waiting lists just so they could see an artist’s latest work first. Of course there are those who would call this porn, but you can’t blame them for not knowing any better.

For those erotic authors out there who often feel is if they are being slammed daily by the Internet porn police, there’s nothing new about erotica and you’re in good company. There will always be those who think too much erotica is porn, and there will always be an argument about the difference between porn and erotica.

Miley Cyrus in Lingerie

Update: Miley Cyrus is now under fire with the Stroke Association for comments made on SNL. 

Last week I posted about the way Miley Cyrus was attacked online, in an open letter, by an aging singer with previous mental health issues, Sinead O’Conner. The attack by O’Conner criticized the way Cyrus dresses and tends to promote her sexuality as a woman. When Cyrus responded to the attack suggesting they get together and talk about it, O’Conner went into more rants on social media. This week Miley Cyrus showed up at Planet Hollywood in New York in what looks like lingerie.

Miley Cyrus celebrated the release of her fourth studio album, “Bangerz,” on Tuesday night at Planet Hollywood in New York, and it seems like she decided to simply forgo an outfit for the evening.

You can read about it here, where there are photos of Cyrus looking better than ever, and happier than ever. I have a feeling this little display is Miley Cyrus’s polite response to Sinead O’Conner’s rant last week…and it’s very well done!

Sometimes the best revenge really is looking good. And sometimes you can flip the bird without even lifting a finger.